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  1. I'm pretty sure he'll update here first to say it's out and then have the uploaders get on. Keep time zones in mind; it may be early morning AM hours for you, but it's just hit night for him (I think). Anyhow, think I'll pass out now and just hope the sun shines from my monitor when I wake up in the morning.

    EleTD ftw.

  2. US


    Hooray for a custom game that I've sunk more hours in than all other custom TFT games + normal TFT game combined. Greatly looking forward to this version!

  3. One of the things that's been bothering me with Impulse Towers is the fact it acts like all other towers - it naturally shoots the closest target. Unless you're controlling them to shoot the farthest target, which becomes annoying at times, they become almost useless for the period of time when the enemies get point blank. This can last for a rather long time depending on placement, but there's typically at least one enemy really far away at all times that it'd be better off auto-targetting.

    Is there a way to way to make it auto-target the farthest target so that it's actually useful all of the time rather than only half the time? I know a minimum range is possible, though I've the feeling that'd cause too detrimental of an effect on its balancing.

  4. I don't remember the exact amount, but it was somewhere between 1500 and 1600 Ronalds killed (I'll edit in later the exact count if I decide to go back and laugh at my mistakes). It could have been much better cause I suck at interest abuse and personally, I don't have the patience for it most of the time. And I screwed up quite a few times here and there. I'm sure someone that's more experienced (and has the patience) could do a much better job without leaks.

    Anyhow, build is ELF... screw Electricity towers... my personal opinion, they just don't do enough late game even with damage boosts. Get some gold towers, increase their damage with blacksmith, eventually get atom towers, and for some reason, there's a bug where atom towers shooting ronalds stuns them (I think this was already reported), so this was abused quite a bit. I'm sure if I didn't leak, I could've gotten 2000 ronalds. Knowing there's a massive difference in the difficulty of the Ronald rounds between 4.0 and 4.1, I wonder how many I could get in 4.0... though I'm not quite sure it'd get 12,000.

    Still... 3-element build that, to me at least, seems cheap... lotsa gold.

    VH AP TFT 1.23.

    ... anyone else think getting 5000 gold per interest seems a little cheap?

    Over 1500 Ronalds.w3g

  5. I've used a triple element combo of just LEF (no Nature) on VH and before I spent some more on round 59, I had about 90,000 gold in reserve and still taking out all creeps. It could be higher with better interest abuse, but seeing as that wouldn't happen in multiplayer games (in fact, I was doing minor stalling), you wouldn't be able to get quite as high. However, you could still have at least 30,000 gold by the end of the game on VH easily with that combo.

    Normal difficulty... you should be able to mass stockpile gold with many gold towers. I honestly think they're slightly overpowered in the respect that you can have so much in reserve, though I can't say it works the best when against the Ronald round.

    It's not so much that gold powers have a relatively low damage output per wave, but they get a really good bonus on the ones they do kill, and for levels say... 20 to 50 (that is, without ridiculous interest abuse), they're getting the majority of the kills whilst you have a few other towers (I used quark towers... a really low amount of them) killing off a few here and there. In normal difficulty, getting over 100,000 in reserve without having to spend it by the end probably isn't that hard really.

    So if you're having trouble against a LEFN (adding that Nature would probably make the defense even better), it's probably because your opponent has a heck of a lot more gold than you do, especially since it's normal difficulty.

    I think in a multiplayer match with more people, the gold tower is balanced, but if you only have two or three or if every else also stalled a bit, then it can be really cheap.

    EDIT: Okay, those gold values were only x10 the value they were supposed to be. In other news, it's pretty easy to get over 100,000 in reserve after a full defense by the end of the game. Gold Towers = cheap.

  6. Looking at the costs between Dual tier 3 and Triple tier 2, it's 3150 vs. 5000, yet I feel some (not all) of the duals are about equal to the triple tier 2's. Then again, a lot of the those triples aren't meant for massing.

    Also, regarding the Well/Blacksmith potential issue... ever notice how the only way to pull a triple-element combo off is with either one of those? So far, EFD, EFN, EFL, EFW, EFN, WNE, and WNF all work. I've yet to try WNL or WND though. I've attempted other triple combos, but without the blacksmith/well tier 3 support, it doesn't work.

    EDIT: Tested, and all combos with Well/Blacksmith tier 3 work.

  7. If there were a tier 3 triple, the total cost of it would be more than a pure tower, unless you decided to jack the costs up on those to the original costs. And then it'd be ridiculously powerful and more than likely, too powerful (lol, -30 armor with level 3 enchantment towers newbs), and in some cases (durr, 75% slowing suckers)... I'm personally against tier 3 triples, though I wouldn't be able to do anything about it if the team decides to add it in.

    5-element tower... ... nah.

  8. Blacksmith and Well Towers just seem straight out overpowered at the level 3 variants (don't remember their names) where they increase a tower's damage/attack speed by 200%. Once you have either, you've pretty much won the rest of the game. The first two level variants are ok and nice to have as the last thing you need to add to your defense, and I suppose they're fine, but the 200% increase just seems like too much.

    Also, there's a slight issue I noticed regarding the Well Tower speed boost - eventually, a tower can attack so fast that there'll be wasted shots where the attack will hit the spot after the target has already died, causing the Blacksmith to have an advantage because you don't have as many wasted shots with them (the occasional time when your high damaging tower hits a 1-hp target, but it's not as bad as the wasted shots). It's not something really bad except with long range towers that hit a spot an extra time such that it would be better without the well tower.

  9. Light doesn't work. Tried it, and I had nearly the entire map covered in refined lights by the last level along with five pure lights in the middle, but because level 59 is Earth and other garbage, I lost too many lives and lost.

  10. Far as I know about Extreme, yes, but I have yet to play this in multiplayer. And yes Cisz, it is the replay you know of.

    I know it's possible to do a triple combo of LNW in Very Hard, but I doubt it for VHExtreme.

  11. Took me a few tries, and even though there are errors in this, I still managed to pull off beating Very Hard, Extreme on Eletd 4.0 (official release version), and I used only 3 elements along with 4 pure towers. I also managed to knock out 15 ronalds at the end.

    Fyi, the map was placed in my Maps folder, not the download folder, but the main Maps folder, so download it into there (as for why, I don't know actually... it was just there), and TFT I didn't really know about this until after I looked at the rules about posting (*head-desk*), so my apologies for the slight inconvenience. I may post a better run of this later without some of the stupid mistakes and placing it in a more convenient location, but not now.


  12. ...and Extreme is really damn impossible on VH >_<

    Oh really? Try going Fire, Dark and Earth, and rush towards level 3 blacksmith while also maintaining Gunpowder, Magic and Flamethrower towers. Got through with 22 lives remaining and killed about 20 Ronalds. Granted, I did very short mode, but I think I would've only lost a few more lives on normal or short due to getting the level 2 and 3 variant summons.

    Replay attached... if you wanna see me try it from level 1, then I'll get to it later, as I have no time for it now.

    Great work on 4.0... love the new stuff (though I personally think the level 3 variants of the Well and Blacksmith towers are really overpowered). Once I had one of them, it was pretty much gameover (as in, gamveover victory).


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