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  1. I'd check out how he did it, except custom game replays don't work ever since they overhauled the end-game screen, and I've not run into this myself in testing. Twill attempt to look into it though, thanks for the heads up!



    EDIT: It's a database error, the game is sandbox, it shouldn't have even passed through. Twill get that fixed on the database side.

  2. Probably twill be Patch 1.15, so after this next one, we'll work on it. I'll tell you this much though, it's..... not going to have this little bug that happened on the frog waves...



  3. It's incomplete. As it is now, it's in its "lazy form". Hopefully within the next month, we can finish it up. It's actually supposed to be even harder. Twill apply a score multiplier with it as well. The idea of the mode isn't scoring off of beating as fast as possible and beating up some frog waves. It's just "can you even beat it?". It's meant for the most elite of players. We're considering making it so that it has its own leaderboard, since its purpose is a different style of challenge.

  4. Annnd over a month later, we're back! Sorry for the delay on new patches folks, we're in a bit of a transition period as we have a new person leading balance/development, most of the staff of the game are too busy to do more than quick updates, etc. The patch actually would've taken longer, buuut a recent Dota 2 patch broke the game and we had to release this earlier than intended. Just a note, Tooltips are not updated yet, we had to rush this out. Anywho, here you go!

    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed the "towers don't do damage to creeps" bug introduced by the Battlepass Patch.
      • Fixed the lack of particles when selling towers.
    • Scoring
      • Speed is back, baby!
      • Base Time for clearing Classic Mode decreased from 45 Minutes to 40 Minutes.
      • Base Time for clearing Short Mode decreased from 35 Minutes to 30 Minutes.
      • Endspeed Score Multiplier for both Classic & Short Modes increased from 1.25 to 1.5
    • Balance
      • Tier 3 Slows nerfed from 70% to 60%
      • Life maximum lives reduced from 75 to 70. Likewise on Co-op, it's been reduced from 150 to 140.
      • Disease formula has been altered to... some formula that's rather complex. Nutshell, it's waaaay more exponential than before. If it starts shooting something at 20% health or less, it'll be dead soon. 10% or less, it might as well be an instant kill.
      • Disease damage increased from 100 / 500 / 2500 to 140 / 700 / 3500
        • Note, this change is not in yet, it'll be in w/ the Tooltips within the next day.
      • Vapor reworked!
        • Old: Hits all creeps in range, then for each creep hit, it set off a secondary shockwave around that creep with lesser AoE.
          • Given that's equated to somewhere over 100 calculations per hit, it was laggy as heck, and also impossible to balance.
        • New: Hits all creeps in range. For each creep within its range, its damage is increased by a flat amount.
        • Ability Damage decreased from 30 / 150 / 750 to 25 / 125 / 625
      • Flamethrower Napalm now has a duration of 15 Seconds. Additionally, all stacks refresh their duration if hit by another Flamethrower Tower.
      • Flamethrower Napalm damage reduced from 240 / 1200 / 3600 to 200 / 1000 / 3000



    That's it for this patch! From here on out, we'll have new patches ideally every 3 weeks, give or take a bit. Next one might be sooner, if nothing else, to finish the remaining shenanigans from this patch and possibly tweak scoring a tick more.

  5. They're designed to be roughly equal to each other. In terms of sheer DPSPure Towers are better than everything else, hence why they're limited. I can't say which are considered best; I personally love Pure Dark Towers as finishers, though that's just me. It's a matter of builds and playstyles.

  6. Odds are, it was luck moreso than perfect choice. As much as random seemingly loves to give out "crappy combos" (at least, from a scoring perspective), every now and then it can give you exactly the elements you want and need. I've had a few games of that myself across the Starcraft 2 & Dota 2 versions.


    Regarding "lumber to pure essence", that's a feature, instead of getting a new element or upgrading an element, you can get another pure essence choice instead. In random mode, as long as you have at least a Level 3 Element or one of every element, it has the chance to random buying a pure essence as well.

  7. Interest bonus was by far the most broken thing in existence. Even at 0.5% upgrade, you could easily get a bonus 100k networth off of it. It also kept screwing up random a ton, hence why it was removed and probably never coming back.



    Okay, here's the breakdown of attempting to balancing via 3-3-3-3:

    • Let's say we nerf all the Tier 3 slows & damage amps. 3-3-3-3 becomes balanced... but what about attempting to use 3-3-3-2-1 or 3-3-3-2 + an extra pure? All the combos that involve using that one Tier 3 slow or damage amp becomes useless, because you're not able to get a Level 3 Blacksmith, Well, or Trickery, which at that point is far better than a Tier 3 Slow or Amp.
    • Okay, let's say we try making the 12th element pick cost 2 essences instead of one. Then go with your suggestion of buffing pure towers even more. I suppose... maybe, just maybe this could work, but those pure towers would need to be buffed a lot to be brought up to par, and they're already really powerful. Buffing them more to match 3-3-3-3 would probably, more than anything, invalidate just about all your other non-support towers.
    • Alright, let's try nerfing Level 3 Blacksmith/Well/Trickery Towers. Well, if they're nerfed anymore than they're at, 2-2-2-2-2-1 will come back to dominate the scene.

    Honestly, under the current balance structure, there is a limit to strategies this game. It's literally all about maximum synergy and supports. I don't think anyone can, for example, beat the game on Insane without using any support towers. For newcomers, that's the primary reason they die, because they don't know what is and isn't a support tower, so they just spam random things and hope it works. Then eventually, they find the power of the support towers, start doing really really good, and then eventually, once you play the game enough, you realize just how important those core supports are, thus invalidating any build that doesn't maximize supports and/or stupid amounts of interest abuse.



    In a nutshell, as long as we attempt to maintain the current overall balance structure of the game, it has serious limits on what we can add to expand it while still keeping it balanced. I would consider trying to overhaul the balance structure to make it more malleable to additions, except that would take a ton of work (at minimum, months), plus I don't even have a new balance structure on-hand that would be better. I am in the process of designing one to be theoretically used sometime in the future, but... that's a very long ways off. Sorry man.

  8. With the 12th element, many, many more combinations are completely invalid for scoring. 3-3-3-3 was the only way to score high; everything else was thrown out the window. As it is right now, I'm aware a 3-element + 2 pures has taken top spot, I'm not surprised. If anything, Tier 3 slows are probably getting nerfed next patch cause they're quite noticeably too strong. We're aiming to make a balanced game here, not a broken one where customization playstyle is invalidated by clearly superior combos that are impossible to balance.

  9. Kay, now that we've had our share of the fun of 3-3-3-3 dominating the leaderboards, it's time to fix that and actually go back to evaluating balance. No new features this patch; however, two serious abuses are fixed along with a nukebat. Aka, game is no longer as abusable.

    • 12th Element Pick Removed
      • The combination of Tier 3 Triple Element Towers + 12th Element Pick is impossible to balance, so between the two, we're keeping Tier 3 Triples as it allows far more viable builds than 12th Element Pick, plus its existence feels a lot more natural. I'm pretty sure everyone that didn't play for leaderboards didn't even know 12th Element Pick existed.
    • Slow Abuse Bug Fixed
      • Previously, if you put a Level 3 Slowing Tower up, and then just a little bit later, had a Level 1 Slowing Tower of the same type, it would bug the creeps into being permanently stuck at 70% Slowed.
      • This has been fixed. In fact, I think slows respond a little better overall now.
    • Trickery Upgrade Abuse Fixed
      • Apparently, if you were fast enough, you could upgrade a tower, use Trickery to clone it while it's upgrading, and then cancel the upgrade, effectively giving you a free clone of the upgraded tower.
      • This is no longer doable, because Trickery can no longer clone a tower while it's upgrading.
    • Minor Fixes
      • Flipped Poison Tiers 2 & 3 Cosmetics.
      • Increased the Attack Point Animation for Incantation from 0 to 0.1, so Tier 3 (Medusa) no longer looks retarded when firing, and in general looks better at all tiers.


    Patch is live!

  10. You know, this might explain the cause of the camera going completely nuts when you get so many towers on screen, the game lags a ton, and then double speed and then attempt to zoom in or out.... maybe the input at x2 isn't able to properly comprehend the intended input, and that's what makes it spaz out. Twill look into it, having the zoom speed NOT do this at x2 would actually be really helpful, now that I think about it. Thanks for reporting it!

  11. Vapor Tower is getting a changebat in the next week or so due to a combination of its performance issues and the inability to even somewhat decently calculate its average or potential DPS, thus making balancing it nearly impossible at the moment. Nutshell, it won't do secondary shockwaves anymore (primary cause of the performance issues), and instead just be a damage increase based on the number of creeps within its range.


    For clarification on how much a Vapor Tower is capable of lagging, let's assume it hits 15 creeps. Based on its secondary AoE search radius proc, that can trigger up to 15 more explosions, all of which can hit up to 15 creeps, based on how clumped the creeps are. Meaning the number of calculations per attack = as long as it's hitting 10 or more creeps, somewhere over 100.

  12. Actually, time-wise, that is doable. The leaderboard doesn't record whether or not it's Normal Length or Short Length. Now, that high of a score in that period of time..... pretty sure that part was impossible.

  13. Courtesies of GotD, although this patch doesn't quite include everything I was trying to get in, we're releasing a patch now while the game's got some popularity back for it. Have a massive changelog!

    • General
      • As of a little while ago, we now have an iOS version! Check it out here.
      • Tier 3 Triple Element Towers have been added! They don't have cosmetic changes yet, but this should vastly increase the number of viable builds in the game. They all cost a total of 10000 Gold and have roughly 3 times the damage of the previous upgrade. A few are a little higher due to not scaling well into the endgame.
        • Just an FYI, combined with 12th Element Pick, this feature is super IMBA. Enjoy it while it lasts, cause in a week or two when we drop another patch, the 12th Element Pick will be getting removed from the game, as there is literally no way to balance having both of these features in the game.
      • Endspeed Score Bonus increased partially back to what it used to be.
        • Classic: Increased multiplier from 1 to 1.25
        • Express: Increased multiplier from 0.5 to 0.75
      • Short Mode starting gold increased from 1750 to 2000
      • Re-pinned and updated DPS/Gold Values thread
    • Towers
      • Basic
        • Arrow damage increased from 30 / 90 to 35 / 105
        • Cannon damage increased from 35 / 105 to 45 / 135
        • Periodic damage increased from 30000 / 36000
      • Single Element
        • Fire ability damage per second increased from 8 / 56 / 400 / 4000 to 10 / 70 / 490 / 4900
        • Water damage increased from 60 / 420 / 3000 / 30000 to 65 / 455 / 3200 / 32000. Pure Water AoE increased from 200 to 250.
        • Nature damage increased from 64 / 450 / 3100 / 31000 to 70 / 490 / 3400 / 34000
        • Dark damage increased from 330 / 2300 / 16200 / 162000 to 350 / 2450 / 17200 / 172000
      • Dual Element
        • Ice has a temporary rework. Expect an overhaul next patch.
          • Range reduced from 900 to 550
          • AoE at all points increased to 450
          • Projectile Speed increased from 900 to 1000
          • Damage increased from 180 / 900 / 4500 to 360 / 1800 / 9000
        • Atom range increased from 700 to 900. Max stack count reduced from 13 to 11
        • Poison ability AoE increased from 400/800 to 450/900
        • Magic damage decreased from 700 / 3500 / 17500 to 350 / 1750 / 8750. However, attack speed altered from 0.66 to 0.31, and projectile speed increased from 2500 to 3000
        • Vapor damage & ability damage increased from 30 / 150 / 750 to 60 / 300 / 1500. Range reduced from 700 to 550, and secondary shockwave AoE reduced from 350 to 275
        • Flame damage increased from 50 / 250 / 1250 to 300 / 1500 / 7500. Ability damage increased from 50 / 250 / 1250 to 60 / 300 / 1500
        • Life reworked!
          • You now gain lives back from kills! However, it's capped at 75 lives (150 in co-op).
          • Damage bonus is now granted when you're at 50 lives or less (100 or less in co-op).
          • Damage reduced from 500 / 2500 / 12500 to 420 / 2100 / 10500
          • Damage bonus increased from 30% to 50%
        • Moss damage increased from 170 / 850 / 4250 to 180 / 900 / 4500
        • Gunpowder damage & ability damage increased from 40 / 200 / 1000 to 50 / 250 / 1250
        • Geyser is no longer RNG-based!
          • Effect now procs every 3 attacks.
          • Damage & ability damage increased from 450 / 2250 / 11250 to 800 / 4000 / 20000
          • Tooltip is currently off, it'll be fixed next patch.
      • Triple Element
        • Nova range increased from 700 to 900. Tier 3 deals 4500 damage and causes a 70% slow.
        • Hail Tier 3 deals 12000 damage and has 1750 range.
        • Laser damage increased from 5500 / 27500 to 6000 / 30000. Tier 3 deals 90000 damage.
        • Jinx Tier 3 deals 52500 damage and its curse deals 40% extra damage per tick.
        • Runic Tier 3 deals 20000 damage.
        • Obliteration Tier 3 deals 26000 damage.
        • Windstorm damage per second increased from 450 / 2250 to 600 / 3000. AoE reduced from 600 to 450. Tier 3 deals 9000 damage per second and causes a 70% slow.
        • Polar Tier 3 deals 27000 damage and temporarily removes 55% of the target's health.
        • Flooding Tier 3 deals 3600 damage per second.
        • Tidal damage increased from 500 / 2500 to 600 / 3000. Damage increase per attack increased from 35 / 175 to 45 / 225. Tier 3 deals 9000 damage and gains 675 damage per attack.
        • Haste damage decreased from 1800 / 9000 to 1600 / 8000. Tier 3 deals 24000 damage.
        • Corrosion Tier 3 deals 1650 damage per second and causes a 100% damage amp.
        • Flamethrower damage decreased from 500 / 2500 to 360 / 1800. Napalm damage increased from 100 / 500 to 240 / 1200. Tier 3 deals 6000 damage and 3600 Napalm damage.
        • Roots Tier 3 deals 1500 damage per second and causes a 70% slow.
        • Incantation base damage amp increased from 5% / 15% to 7% / 21%. Tier 3 deals 8250 damage and has a base damage amp of 60% and a max damage amp of 110%.
        • Impulse damage reduced from 4400 / 22000 to 4000 / 20000. Tier 3 deals 60000 damage and has 1750 range.
        • Ephemeral damage increased from 1800 / 9000 to 2000 / 10000. Tier 3 deals 33000 damage.
        • Muck Tier 3 deals 15000 damage and causes a 70% slow.
        • Gold damage increased from 5000 / 25000 to 6000 / 30000. Bounty bonus reduced from 35% / 50% to 35%. Tier 3 deals 100000 damage and has a bounty bonus of 35%.
        • Quake is no longer RNG-based!
          • Effect now procs every 5 attacks.
          • Range decreased from 700 to 550
          • Damage increased from 1500 / 7500 to 1800 / 9000. Tier 3 deals 27000 damage.
          • Ability damage increased from 600 / 3000 to 1800 / 9000. Tier 3 deals 27000 damage.
          • Tooltip is currently off, it'll be fixed next patch.


    Patch is live!

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