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  1. Looking forward to this one. SC2 needs some good custom maps
  2. Not from Utah!...... oh well... I guess since I grew up there it can't be that bad. Welcome to the forums.
  3. I like the look a lot. Gives it a 'Magic the Gathering' type feeling Which font are we bashing on though, the fancy font for the subject titles, or the regular text font?
  4. Seems like a nice way to solve the problem. What if the host wishes to have the difficultly he picks be the maximum though? Is the a scenario where this would be the case?
  5. Bhelogan

    Tower Ideas

    How about a tower that creates a portal on both sides of the path. This causes creeps to portal backwards in the maze. Cool down and duration would have to be a function of how close it is to the end of maze, since causing the creeps to re-walk the whole path would be stronger than having them re-walk just one corner.
  6. I would expand on this a little. Heroes cannot target any tower. Towers cannot target Heroes with the exception of your top tier towers (3rd tier dual, 2nd tier tri-elements, or the periodic towers). This would give you some motivation to think out your build to defend against heroes as well as kill creeps. It would also remove the possibility of having an over fed hero wipe out another players towers completely.
  7. Personally, I would love to see this as well. I hinted at it in the post below... https://forums.eletd.com/index.php?showtopi...amp;#entry16449 The custom map generator has not been released yet, and closed beta has only been going on for 2.5 months (since around 12 May), so it may be a while yet until this is an option.
  8. A few left. Invite has been sent.
  9. The NDA for Heroes of Newerth has been lightened, and so I can share a little more information about that this is. HoN was created by S2 games with the goal of recreating the DotA experience without having the restrictions of the WC3 engine. Some of the heroes have been copied over (skill wise) to Newerth equivalents, and there some new unique heroes as well. One of the exciting features of HoN is the expected release of an editor that will allow users to create their own maps and games. You can probably see where this will take the community in the future. I still have more invites I can extend if people are interested in joining the closed beta.
  10. I have another invite available. There is also a game play video on their face book page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heroes-of-Newerth/63037549101
  11. I have a taker for the invite. If you are interested though, let me know. I can put you on the short list for any future invites I am extended.
  12. I recently got in as a beta tester for a game in development called Heroes of Newerth http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/ I have 1 beta invite I can extend. If you are interested, PM me with an e-mail address I can send the invite to. We have a great community here, so I feel comfortable asking you guys first. I'll post as soon as I get a response.
  13. Bhelogan

    EleTD Logo

    I was helping my kid play spore, and came up with this Idea.
  14. To true. I get cursed at all the time for hosting as VH/SR/Short. Every now and then you find a good player who will wamp on you, but usually most die out before round 25.
  15. Assuming that no more major bugs arrive, what is the release date going to be? I'm looking forward to hosting this on BNET.
  16. I agree with that as well. It seems to be the only deal breaking bug for release right now. I think it would also be appropriate to spread the word that this map is expected to be harder than 4.0pb. Setting this expectation will probably curve a lot of complaints from the general player base.
  17. Bhelogan

    DPS counter

    I would love to see the DPS counter on ALL the time. Did it only show up in multi-player mode before?
  18. Ok, so I actually was able to beat this on easy. I feel stupid saying this, since my 6 year old daughter can beat PB4.0 on easy. I wouldn't bother posting the replay, but I had two questions. 1) Is it normal for Ronald to just freeze up when taking damage like this? (no slows in build) 2) Not sure why, but Ronald gets stuck at the exit portal after a while, which could make the game endless. EWF.w3g
  19. Late game is where the difficulty ramps up too much. Early game to mid game, it actually feels too easy.
  20. Bhelogan

    Flesh Golems

    I think the intent was to make it easier to move the Golem around so that you could get 3 or 4 passes with it. I used it on the second play through of the beta 21, and easily soloed 7 -8 levels with it. However, it takes a LOT more micro then I really like. So, I agree that it should be remade.
  21. un-nerf the support towers a bit. 6% slow with low damage = useless.
  22. At the risk of sounding like the only other idiot who doesn't know where to go, I've got the same problem. The B21 version is the only one in the /beta/ folder. The thread Karawasa made called, "today", which sounds like it should be linked to the map, just takes you to a youtube video. Too bad, I would love to watch that replay!
  23. That is what it looks like to me. Does this impact the league bots?
  24. Map was not placed in the correct folder. I usually play Short Mode, and almost never play all pick, so watching the start of this was a good example of how to do it. Latter on in the game there were a few things you could have done different to finish it off. I'm not sure what you have against nature, but if your not oppose to adding it to the build you would unlock the other two slowing towers. You could then replace your army of Zeliot towers with a periodic, and be a lot more effective in the end. Assuming you want to stick with your current element selection: The placement of the corrosion towers had the second pass so late that they were not able to get their full damage in. The only upgraded towers, other than the One pure Earth tower placed around level 59, was the masses of forge towers placed everywhere. There were a lot more of those than you needed. The biggest question of all is where were your Muck towers?
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