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  1. and i thought i fixed those towers.
  2. do you have a replay? or some more info? Chasing down something you cant grasp is a little bit difficult...
  3. I blame Blizzards sucky rendering engine (3000 shadows on the screen will make your FPS go down to 6, and each letter of those textsplats is one shadow). Ill try to optimize whats possible for the next release, but i cant promise anything.
  4. Now, i havent tested this version thoroughly or anything, but in my opinion the spacing of letters in textsplats is too wide (dont worry, this can be fixed). I have seen Sunburn and Disease in action, and i like the way their ability is displayed. All in all, i <3 textsplats.
  5. Deaod


    I updated TextSplat. This time I uploaded all components to the SVN repo (ie. I uploaded ARGB, ImageUtils, Font, TextSplat and the Trebuchet library (which contains the default font that comes with the TextSplat library).
  6. Deaod


    Use a higher offset (+512 might work better) TextTags are on a different layer than images rendering-wise.
  7. Deaod


    sorry, but thats model dependant, ie. I cant access that value.
  8. And done. Just need to push the newest version to the svn.
  9. Deaod

    Spell Event

    A little list indicating my current progress. BoomerangChainLightningDouseDuplicateExplodeFrostbiteMagicMaledictShockwaveShrapnadeSlashSpiritHelixSplashStorm EDIT: Done. Pushing to svn repo now. EDIT 2: Done.
  10. What bug? Wheres the bug? That script seems to do what it should do.
  11. I dont think youll see much more than 1500 killed Ronalds starting with 4.2. I also dont think youll see certain towers stunning Ronalds.
  12. Deaod


    Okay, attached first version. On a side note: Is there a way for you to allow me to upload .w3m and .w3x files? TextSplat_1.0.0.rar
  13. I think i tried to fix everything but "We got some weird text between Draft Pick being announced and Game Commencing text. It was like (I forgot and not in replay) TEXT () repeated over and over.". If anything else still bugs, report it, please.
  14. Deaod

    Sunburn Tweak

    done. check svn repo.
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