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    10000 ronald?

    this was in version 4.0.... there were many different builds which could achieve this in 4.0 and 4.1. since version 4.2 came out, there is a new challenge with many ronald kills. u probably wont get 10k ronalds on very hard in version 4.2.
  2. make sure they´re replays from the current version. u cant watch replays from older versions with an up-to-date warcraft.
  3. well, if they are 3 times stronger than wave 59, i should be able to only kill about one third of the number of wave 59 creeps. i killed ~26 wave 59 creeps in that replay, but barely 1 or 2 of wave 60. this would correspond to them being about 13 times stronger than wave 59... i cant imagine this is how karawasa intended them to be. seems rather like the same damage bug to me.
  4. Black Gun


    i havent tested the beta thoroughly enough yet, but one thing that really bothers me is how hard it is to see which of the mechanical creeps got their force field activated and which dont... the animation is just too "shy" imho. i like most of the other stuff i´ve seen so far, with the exception of that stupid damage bug i mentioned in its own thread. it also feels like 120% for the tier 3 dual supports is quite balanced. feels strong enough yet not too powerful.
  5. hi, as i already wrote in the game impressions thread, i have encountered a serious bug in the latest beta which is reproducible. the bug is as follows: the tier 3 elementals, especially the second one i summon during a game, are almost immune to the tower´s attack during their first round through the maze. during their second round the towers suddenly do the dam they are supposed to do and massacre them in a few seconds, like they should. it clearly must be a bug, as i have no other reasonable explanation to why they lose about 10% of their life during their whole first round through my maze while they lose the remaining 90% in about 2-5 seconds during their second round. similarly, i have encountered my towers clearly not doing the correct damage to wave 60 on multiple occasions. after my towers could kill all of wave 59, they barely touch wave 60, at most i can kill one single evil child. they just cant be that hard, in particular they just cant be that much harder than anything before them. i already described the same issues in this other thread, but there was no reaction. i want to point out again that this bug is severe and happens regularly. would be nice if some1 from the development team could have a look at it. ill add another replay displaying the bug. have a careful look at what happens when i summon tier 3 elementals after waves 40 and particularly after wave 45. and ofc look at my damage to wave 60. regards^^ und noch n bug.w3g
  6. hi, i just got the beta today and wanted to test my favorite build, DEF. while this attempt, there occurred a bug at the tier 3 elementals where my towers wouldnt properly damage them. on the second or third round of these elementals through my towers, the bug suddenly disappeared, my towers did the dam they are supposed to do and they suddenly fell quite fast, after being virtually immortal to the same towers before. this occurred after lvl 35, 40 and 45. its best seen on the tier 3 earth elemental after lvl 40. also note how my towers didnt seem to damage lvl 60 properly in the same replay. if 6 wizardry towers with foundry support cant even kill a single one of them something must be wrong. all this can be seen in my first replay. when i tried to reproduce the bug/test some theories of myself about these bugs, i could reproduce the bug with the elementals, but after lvl 4x my towers suddenly stopped attacking at all. i think this sort of bug has occurred before, even in older version. this can be found in my second replay. two additional comments: 1.) the gunpowder tower´s new aiming rocks! thanks a lot for that. 2.) i personally dont like the new force field animation for mechanical waves. it is barely visible, especially if ur towers have a flashy animation like the magic towers in my test. and the mechanical waves particularly require tower micro, so its kinda bad if u cant see which ones to attack. ele td beta1.w3g ele td beta2 _bug.w3g
  7. the game balance is adjusted for very hard, so builds which are strong on easy or normal dont necessarily have to rock on very hard. could u maybe give a replay of ur build on very hard? then it would be more easy to compare it with other builds.
  8. Black Gun

    Life Towers

    does it work on very hard? and do u get even close to filling the whole map on vh with that build?
  9. nice one. seems like u are ronald-hunting?^^ u might be interested in this one https://forums.eletd.com/10000-ronald-kills...-bug-t1858.html
  10. well, if u need volunteers, id gladly help. although im not sure if u can need betatesters on europe....
  11. hi guys, a question: would it be possible to give an option like "at least normal" when using refer for the difficulty choices? sometimes the guys available online are just so godawful that i found a new way of giving myself a challenge with bad opponents: i let them choose their difficulty, and then go for extreme mode. if i am on normal or higher while some guy with a semidecent build plays very easy, he will put pressure on me and give me a nice challenge. the problem with it though is that playing anything less than hard is kinda boring and pointless if no fast killing opponent is in the game, but playing hard or even very hard is impossible to do if guys on very easy build some typical noob gayness like electricity towers right at the entrance or many light towers to later go for life towers or something like that. its simply impossible to survive a game on extreme mode if i am on hard/very hard and some guy on very easy or easy uses such a build. therefore it would be great if in the setting "host chooses options"-> "difficulty: refer" there was an option like "at least normal". this way i could let them choose their difficulty and they could select a lower diffuclty than me, but it would prevent too extreme situations. any1 else likes that idea? would it be hard to implement something like that? regards^^
  12. there are like 2 dozen builds that can kill infinitely many ronalds on easy or normal. sry to say that, but i doubt u could even complete the "ordinary" 60 waves with that build when playing on very hard. they are definitely not overpowered.... maybe u are just overpowered for those difficulties and should try something more challenging.
  13. now finally a replay where i beat vh with barely 71k gold. 71k gold.w3g
  14. Black Gun


    just hover ur cursor over the armor field when u click on the monster to see how much % dam reduce a particular amount of armor will give. one question still remains for me though: how is rounding performed in eletd?
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