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Important: Replay Versions

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Moderator, if you want think this topic is on wrong places, you are free to delete/lock this topic..

I just want to remind everyone on "replay" section to...

Always state your WC3 version!! Because 1.22 recently been released, I think many ppl got trouble when watching replays..

Now, this is my opinion, how about writing version on filename?

Example: "VH AR 30Ronald [1.22]"

Edit by Cisz: Renamed and Stickied, this is important. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

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yeah, good idea, though...Warcraft does detect whether a replay is for an older version, so it's not TOO bad (waste of a download tho).

I need to redo my naming convention then. The problem is that when I try to include all the info that I want, the replay name ends up being too long for WC3 to save, and then I have to go in and rename it manually which is just a pain in the arse xD.

Here's the info that IMHO should be included.


-[name of player]


-[game mode(s)]


name of player in my case is always DDRKirby(ISQ)

date should be of format: 7/31/08

game mode should have NO SPACES in it.

game mode should consist of difficulty + ap/sr + cm/sm/etc.

so probably the longest string here should be VHSRCM.

outcome should be either:

-lose (lost before round 60)

-quit (quit before game ended otherwise)

-xx ronalds


Here's what I'm proposing for myself (I'm just thinking aloud, this is not a mandate at all!):

-name should begin with EleTD4.0pb since that separates it from other game types easily.

-next should be player, since that's what I want them sorted by next.

-next should be date, since that's what I want them sorted by after player name

-then after that game mode

-and then outcome

So the replay name would be something like


I don't know what the exact cap is for WC3 saving replays, but that still seems a little long. Could probably be shortened a little. Hmm...maybe not. We could use "ETD" instead of EleTD. There's no real other way to shorten it unless I disrupt the scheme and do something like


which just looks plain ugly.


oops, I forgot, you need the WC version too -_-;

So then,


aiyah...and there's no way to distinguish between single and multiplayer here either.

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Be carefull to distinguish vh (mixed diff, me on vh) and avh (all on very hard), or rnd (some players were on pick), sr (samerandom) and ar (allrandom).

Personally I like to use the following for outcome:

l - leak

d - died

w - won

a - abort

XX - number of ronalds

XXl number of life

..as in these examples:

wla - won no leak, tried to finish no leak but failed, aborted.

lwd - leaked, then won, then died alone.

d - died before the last other player.

lw 36 - won after leaking, killed 36 ronalds.

wla 49l - aborted with one leak, which usually means I played till ronald, but didn't bother to hunt.

I also state my build if I use pick, as in "745 Etd(3 vh ap)ldwf wa", which translates to: "Game number 745 on eletd 3.0, mixed difficulty, me on very hard. I played ldwf, won w/o leaking and aborted."

This turns out to become a thread about replay naming conventions. :)

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So, if I played until ronald, but leaked before to 40 lifes, killed 50 ronalds, I should write..

"ETD4_ARSM_WLDFEN_wla 40l 50"?

Wow, so complicating...

Btw, I'm just combining Cisz and DDRKirby(ISQ) ideas

But, where do I put the replay version? Is this better

-> "ETD4_SRSM_WLDFEN_wla 40l 50 [1.22]"

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In that case according to Cisz's convention (correct me if i'm wrong) it would be lw 50 (and not saying anything about number of leaks).

But of course it's all up to you, unless the entire forum wants to adopt a standardized naming convention. ATM I hardly think that's worth the trouble or necessary.

In regards to replay verion, what =I= would do, is probably have the replay version 1st (if at all). Remember that when you sort replays by filename, the fields that come FIRST will be of higher importance with respect to sorting. I think replay version is pretty darn important, so I'd want all the 1.21 replays to be separated from the 1.22 replays, as there's no way you can ever just view both types at the same time.

I would still include ETD4pb since it -is- possible there will be a full-fledged 4.0 version in the near future ^^

I'm doubtful as to whether I would include the build used in my replay name. It would be nice but, if I did it I would do it for SR as well, not just AP. But then, if I did that, I feel like I would actually want something more like W+LFNE+DWetcetc, which is just going overboard.

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Basically, we need to:

- Mention the game name and what version.


- Game mode

- Version of Warcraft III!

- And also, something that special on the replay.

eg: no leak, many ronald killed, extreme mode, etc

Am I right?

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Sounds ok to me. In this context the map name can be very short. Like Etd30 or Etd4pb or even shorter.

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yes, minimum requirements I think we can agree on, would be

-EleTD (or ETD)

-version (4.0pb or 4pb)

-gametype (AP/SR at very least)

-WC3 version.

the "special" doesn't apply all the time because, well, sometimes you have games where nothing special happens =p

but you get the idea.

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