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Game crashing late

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I play a very slow strategy at the moment and unfortunately my last 3 games all first had heavy framedrops and later on freezed and crashed somewhere between froground 11-15 (around 117 to 131 minute game time)

I think it is related to the vapor towers which I use quite heavily. The more vapor towers I used, the earlier the game crashed.

I have already changed all graphic settings to the lowest and reduced the display resolution to the lowest possibility but those settings seem to make no difference.

Is it possible the problem relays on the coding of the vapor tower effect?


Regards ArthurDent


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Vapor Tower is getting a changebat in the next week or so due to a combination of its performance issues and the inability to even somewhat decently calculate its average or potential DPS, thus making balancing it nearly impossible at the moment. Nutshell, it won't do secondary shockwaves anymore (primary cause of the performance issues), and instead just be a damage increase based on the number of creeps within its range.


For clarification on how much a Vapor Tower is capable of lagging, let's assume it hits 15 creeps. Based on its secondary AoE search radius proc, that can trigger up to 15 more explosions, all of which can hit up to 15 creeps, based on how clumped the creeps are. Meaning the number of calculations per attack = as long as it's hitting 10 or more creeps, somewhere over 100.

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