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Slow build guide

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I thought I try to write a guide for a specific approach this time rather then a build which is outdated in the near future. 




The idea of this strategies is maximize the score from the frog kills to a point where the prefrog score doesn't matter in comparison.




So the goals are:

  1. get as much lives as possible (if you build includes 2 life and 2 light)
  2. Save as much gold as possible as early as possible.


  • Kill the creeps as slow as possible(stop attacking at the end)
  • Do not build more towers then you need(not even Life/Gold-towers)



  •  Many players even if they play slow don't care too much about the first rounds or they are thinking the extra score outweighs the gold gain early on (that isn't the case).


You can already save up to 750 gold by turn 16. At this point you still have 40+min before the frogs start. 


min gold
5 1114
10 1656
15 2461
20 3657
25 5433
30 8074
35 11997
40 17827

(in reality it is a little less because you don't get any interest for 1-49 gold)


I just show this table because I don't want this to be a math guide. This shows 750 gold at wave 16 are worth more than 18000 gold in the end.

Range 2 30% slows
  round-time 90 sec
550 24.44%
700 40.00%
900 48.89%
1150 61.11%
1500 94.44%



When you figure out which main DPS towers you want to use in your frog killing build keep in mind that there are not much viable tower under 1150 range.



Here my Slow build tower spreadsheet. I did already test for a lot of towers but there are still missing a lot:

Slow Build Tower spreadsheet


This is a work in progress guide but feel free to tell me what you want to see in this guide and any other feedback is appreciated.






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nice one:


although i would heavily argue against your point about towers under 1150 range.In example buff towers like well/forge, slow towers (nova) and %damge buff (polar) towers are great for frog killing. I would rather say: your main dps towers should have at least 1150 range.

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That is right and actually exactly what i mean. I would never suggest avoiding all the good support towers : )


The tower valuation part will be way more detailed but I wanted to make some more AoE damage test in the frogwaves first.

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i would say @ current patch: you kind of need quite some aoe to clear the boss stacks and some long range single target to pick off the hasted /divine shielded guys running ahead. Endgame itself is rather easy, but getting there with saving enough money and not leaking too much is rather hard atm (on insane that is) and requires already quite specific tower(combos).

I personally prefer invo+ench towers for that atm, getting the rest of the aoe from incantation/polar towers + slow towers. I think other tower combos would do better lategame, but would make your early-midgame way harder and also very luck dependent (chaos mode). But haven't played too many games yet in this patch (about 12 or so in classic) so am only place 7 on the leaderboard atm. I guess the higher placed people will have more insight.

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You are right about the AoE/ single target part. Inc/ench is a good combo but don't you struggle a lot vs fire creeps?


Many people are not greedy enough. Right now gold> lives.
If I only leak 2-3 creeps in a round in my test I don't add any tower. My goal is it to finish with at least 40 lives.

The recent patch buffed basically all support/buff/debuff towers which makes 2 2 1 2 2 2, 2 1 2 2 2 2, 2 2 2 1 2 2  and co. way superior to every build you could make with dual element towers.


I think I have a decent amount of insight 1. place now(1,028k)/finished 1. place last patch. That's why I thought I share some thoughts about my process. Might help someone to get better results.




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I build enchs only later for frogs, Waves i clear mainly with a incantation/polar combo. And yes this patch is for sure about 3-ele towers, where last was dual towers.


Most interestingly i have the fealing that vengence creeps are the most annoying ones this patch.

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I added my Slow Build Spreadsheet now. Based on @WindStrike spreadsheet (Hope it is ok I used it) : )


It is mostly based on ingame test. (Still missing for some towers)

I try to focus more on the usability for real builds. 


Next thing: AoE Tower should be easier to distinguish from Single target towers. 


Like you said it isn't enough to have high DPS AoE clear you also need to choose your Single Target Tower. 

@yoitzhiok spreadsheet is great work and very accurate for future balancing help but it is very hard to extract usable information 


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