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Cloning "upgrade phase" towers

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I'm pretty sure you know the stuff so I go straight to the point.




  • Select Trickery Tower > turn autocast off > click the cloning ability once > select a tower of your choice, (this needs to be done by tabbing or selecting control group) > uprade the tower > cast the cloning ability > cancel upgrade.



This can also happen "by default", having autocast on but obviously it's easier when you do it.



  • This one is completely useless but found it anyways.. You can manually buff Elemental Summoner building with Blacksmith, Well and Trickery Towers.. Literally dosen't do anything :(




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Well you still keep the cooldown on Trickery so let's call this one "smart use of game mechanics".


I will fix the summoner buffing tho, that's totally not intended

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