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Patch 1.3

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Gentlemen, behold... intelligence corn! This week's update brings abilities to single-element towers, some new features, and yet another rushed balance patch, this one being even moreso rushed than last week's (except it's not our fault this time). That said, expect another patch to show up in about 2-3 days after this one (along with another leaderboard reset), unless this one happens to so magically work, which I doubt.

  • General
    • Leaderboard (will be) reset and is now functional again.

    • The base map now holds 4 players. Removed the _full 6 player map.

    • Added Attack Range Overlay when hovering over upgrades.

    • Added Speed Up and Restart Game buttons to Sandbox.

    • Fixed Ephemeral Tower not keeping its damage reduction on upgrade/cancel.

    • Fixed Custom Wisp Set and Custom Model Rewards.

    • Fixed Ranking Badge at game start and hover portrait.

  • Scoring

    • Frog points per kill increased from 150 to 200.

      • This is a temporary fix and will probably get reverted on the follow-up balance patch.

    • Max speed bonus reduced from +120% to +90% per wave, so it reduces by 3% per second, instead of 4% per second.

  • Single Element Abilities

    • Water

      • Has the Water Bullet ability. Its attack bounces up to 3 times, with a 150 bounce range. Damage is constant the whole way, and all attacks deal 100/200 AoE.

      • Damage reduced from 60 / 390 / 2535 / 25350 to 17 / 111 / 720 / 7200

      • This should be up to 13.3% better against groups, but is now the worst Single-Element tower vs. single targets.

      • Might be a little OP early-game.

    • Fire

      • Has the Blaze ability. Causes a stacking, single-target DoT debuff on all targets hit. Damage is applied per second, and it lasts for 3 seconds.

      • Damage reduced from 18 / 117 / 760 / 7600 to 8 / 52 / 340 / 3400

      • Blaze Damage deals 2 / 13 / 85 / 850 per second

      • Has about the same starting balance, should scale better with slowing in the late-game.

    • Nature

      • Has the Spore Explosion ability. When this tower kills a target, the target explodes, causing an explosion that hits all creeps in a 150/300 AoE. This can cause chain explosions, similar to Flamethrower's Napalm effect.

      • BAT altered from 0.31 to 0.66

      • Damage increased from 72 / 470 / 3050 / 30500 to 115 / 750 / 4860 / 48600

      • Spore Explosion deals 24 / 156 / 1020 / 10200

      • This... might be OP? Not sure.

    • Earth

      • Has the Landslide ability. Causes 0.1 second mini-stuns to the primary target hit (so splash doesn't cause it). Creeps cannot be mini-stunned more than once per second.

      • This is a temporary ability, expect it to be replaced, either in the follow-up patch or a later patch. Also, didn't touch the rest of its balance.

    • Light

      • Has the Intensity ability. Each consecutive attack against a target gives a flat damage increase, with no stack limit. Resets completely on switching targets. Aka, it's a quasi-Quark Tower.

      • BAT altered from 0.66 to 1

      • Damage increased from 100 / 650 / 4225 / 42250 to 150 / 975 / 6340 / 63400

      • Intensity Stack Damage deals 6 / 39 / 255 / 2550 per stack.

    • Darkness

      • Has the Overkill ability. When it kills a target, any damage that would be considered overkill instead tranfers to a target within 300 AoE of the dead target. For example, if it hits a 100 hp creep with a 260 damage shot, 160 damage will transfer to another creep. This can only proc once per kill.

      • BAT altered from 1 to 1.5

      • Damage increased from 180 / 1170 / 7600 / 76000 to 260 / 1690 / 11000 / 110000

      • Its DPS actually went down a bit, cause dear god Overkill fixes this tower so badly.

  • Balance

    • Duals

      • Life Tower damage increased from 280 / 1680 / 10080 to 300 / 1800 / 10800

      • Moss Tower damage decreased from 130 / 780 / 4680 to 120 / 720 / 4320

    • Triples

      • Flamethrower Tower damage increased from 400 / 2000 to 450 / 2250

      • Haste Tower damage increased from 900 / 4500 to 950 / 4750

      • Hail Tower altered a bit. It now has a 15% chance to cause 350% crit damage on its attacks. Note that when it fires the spread-shot, this applies on an individual basis per attack, not "15% to crit all or crit none".

        • Attacks Required reduced from 15 to 14

        • Damage reduced from 1000 / 5000 to 800 / 4000


Patch is live!

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Patch is Live! Still testing a stat recording change, so match recording might not be stable in the next couple hours.

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How does that make sense? Reset leaderboard with small changes but keep the leaderboard when the scoring and 20% of the towers are changing?


My guess would be that the leaderboard admin is not available right  now?

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Yeah he isn't. Matches will still count for the 1.3 leaderboard even after the reset (we use the match version to make the list)

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As much as i like the changes, the game is unplayable broken atm, see bug section, found 2 major ones already in 3 games i did)

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Really nice patch, early game has definitely been made harder and more reliant on Arrow/Cannon towers instead of going afk with a single element tower. I haven't played an insane game without the Chaos mod for a bit and have still been easily getting leaderboard scores, not sure if this is due to the fact that it becomes marginally easier to clear the later levels with a bit of RNG where you deal with the rough waves early on with Arrow/Cannon towers but its something to keep in mind since i've been able to reliably clear 400k+ scores with Chaos with both the Hail tower and Flame tower strategies.

As kerb also has mentioned there is some strange bug with selling towers, i'm not entirely sure how to replicate it since it has only ever happened to me once and I always restart my DotA 2 game client before I play ETD to avoid any of the issues of the DotA assets interfering with ETD sound files and whatnot... Like the deafening Roshan deaths which I still can't figure why it happens.

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Huh, I'm surprised, I thought this patch made the early game easier, especially with OP water tower, lol. I know last patch made early game harder. We're still trying to figure out what the heck is causing that selling bug. I'm guessing there's something else happening at the same time as the sell that causes the break.

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Compared to last patch early game is easier.

And if it helps: at the time of the sale, there was no wave incoming for me (so between waves).

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An update was deployed to the main game. Please confirm its working now (it was related to Water towers)

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this patch is hard on insane... Water takes you to about level 8 with some towers easily but it completely falls off after that and what you can build into after that is pretty meh in the damage department imo, I have played around with a few different things to see what can work idk how anyone can get to frogs without leaking in this patch honestly.

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