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1.0 Preview Patch

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As of the next big patch, we're going to start manually labeling the patches with arbitrary numbers that everyone in existence uses. Said patch will be the officialized officialization of 1.0, which will hopefully have less bugs than ever. Anyhow, onto what to expect from the next patch. Some numbers are included, but not all of them, due to testing:

  • General
    • Pure Essence gold bonus halved due to pure rush being way too easy.
    • Moar visual changes to some projectiles.
  • Sandbox
    • New setting: No Cooldowns
      • All towers and upgrades build instantly. All abilities don't have cooldowns, so 1 Well Tower can buff all towers in its range!
    • New setting: Zen Mode
      • You don't lose any lives from leaks, but you don't deal any damage either.
    • With this, you should be able to create a galaxy faster than ever before! ... and break your computer in the time it'd take to make some tea.
  • Scoring
    • Consecutive combo bonus is going out the window, which is the number one cause of the scores being horribly skewed towards "kill-as-fast-as-possible".
      • After running some calculations, these were causing close to a x3 score amplification. One mistake was capable of dropping it down from x3 to x2 or less.
    • Like ExpressClassic Mode will receive a Networth bonus, which applies after clearing Wave 55.
    • Rush & Chaos Modes are meant purely for fun and were not intended to be required for top scores. Their Score Multipliers are being removed.
    • In theory, top scores shouldn't go past 400k, especially after this next change...
  • Creeps
    • Towers have been getting buffed a lot, but Creeps haven't, and as a result, the game is kinda easy, even on Insane. Let's fix that...
    • The HP Scaling has been increased on both Classic & Express. The early game is barely affected, but by the end-game, creeps are up to 50% stronger.
    • Healing Creeps heal 25% on death, up from 20%.
    • Fast Creeps boost to x2.5 speed, up from x2.
    • Regen Creeps recover 3% hp per second, up from 2%. However, it's capped at 75% health, down from 100%.
    • Two new Creep Types are being added to fill in most of the blank waves:
      • Bulky: Half the count (15 instead of 30), half the spawn rate (aka, more distance between each one), double bounty, and 250% hp each. Hard counter to AoE.
      • Avenger: When it dies, all towers in a small radius around it receive a stacking debuff that reduces damage for a short time. Hard counter to clumped defenses, like entrance camping. This one is a game changer.
  • Towers
    • Nature Tower receiving somewhere between a 10-15% damage nerf. Should be stronger than what it originally was still, just not as silly as it currently is.
    • Haste Tower being buffed back partially. Max stacks back from 15 to 16, reset time back to 4 seconds, but damage down from 1000 to 900. It's roughly a 10% buff.
    • Gunpowder Tower damage reduced slightly. It's just a little bit silly early-game, at the moment.


Once we get scoring finalized for next patch, I'll include a thread on the forums that explains exactly how it works, complete with some spreadsheets. There's also a few towers I gotta run extra testing on, ie Tidal Tower is supposedly a little strong, but I'm not sure yet. Lemme know what you folks think! We're aiming to release on or by Monday.

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I like pretty much everyone of those changes. Looking forward to the new patch. I'm not sure if Tidal towers really are overpowered though, their popularity atm definitely has more to do with how well they fit into the nature tower strategy than with their own strength.

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Ahh, okay. Quake Towers are like that too; they're strong, but not really OP, just versatile.


Update on preview patch, check out the Sandbox section above.

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I hope you guys have fun trying just trying to beat Insane difficulty. Patch comin' up later today fo' sho'

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