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"Different Random"

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I think its important to have the different random mode officially. It has always been my favourite ele td mode since:

1) You're getting random elements so you must improvise, you can't just play the same every time.
2) Since you're getting different elements to other players you can't copy eachother

those two points combined and you truly must improvise. How is that not a great mode to have?

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mostly, from a competitive point of view, all random can't be considered to be balanced.

another reason is to keep the voting menu shorter and simpler. 

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there is no competition in different random. players with a different random set of elements will naturally have an upper hand over other players which is quite unfair if you're trying to compete against each other.


if you're not rushing each other and trying to play your own game separately, then different random would be viable, but you might as well play single player.


to avoid a complex starting menu, maybe we can have an advanced menu? it'd still be nice to play with friends while trying to beat a personal record.

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All Random is kinda hidden right now, due to not wanting to clutter the voting screen with too many options. We'll probably try to bring it back to the UI sometime soon

You can play it by not selecting random on the vote, then each player can opt-in into Random by either typing -random or by using the Random Mode item on the Summoner.

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