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DPS/Gold Values

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Linked here is a chart of all DPS values in the game, including their DPS per gold values, allowing you to figure out what (theoretically) does the most damage. Each tab grouping (see the bottom of the spreadsheet) is organized by range.

DPS/Gold Values Spreadsheet

Note that it does not take any buffs or debuffs into account. That said, explanation of what each category listed is:

  • DMG: The amount of damage it does per attack.
  • BAT: The attack rate of the tower.
  • SDPS: Stands for Single-Target DPS. It's DMG / BAT = SDPS
  • AoE: Displays what its AoE is. For some towers, it doesn't list the standard 100/200 or 150/300.
  • AoE Mult: Stands for AoE Multiplier, which is approximately how much its SDPS should be multiplied by to account for its AoEAll of these are approximations, based on no slowing. There is no way to possibly account for all the factors without a super duper complex chart that no one can read.
  • ADPS: Stands for Area DPS. This is the approximate DPS it deals that isn't Single-Target.
  • DPS: This is ADPS + SDPS, so damage to the main target, and damage to all targets hit by whatever splash it deals.
  • Gold Cost: The total cost of the tower, including all upgrades.
  • SDPS/Gold Value: The value of the tower's Single-Target DPS per point of gold.
  • ADPS/Gold Value: The value of the tower's Area DPS per point of gold.
  • DPS/Gold Value: The value of the tower's Total DPS per point of gold.


A general tip, based on this chart, Quality > Quantity. However, rushing straight for higher level towers might be rather difficult due to lack of gold and trying to kill the Levels 2 & 3 Elemental Bosses, so you'll need to experiment around to find the proper balance.


I hope this chart helps you all out!

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has this been updated with the latest balance changes? (tidal towers)


could you please make the sortable version downloadable? when I download it its not sortable any more :S

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22 minutes ago, Rollow said:

I don't understand how this table works. As i look at water 4 and earth 4, earth has both lower damage and attack speed. But a higher Dps. Why?

Because DPS can be missleading when dealing with AoE towers. Earth tower has double the AoE of Water

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Thanks for putting in the effort. It seems as though some of the values are off, however. Water towers, for example, can hit 3 creeps at a time (1x 100%, 2 x 50%) for 2x damage multiplier (or 2x 100% on inside corners), not the 1.5 listed on the sheet. Granted, things like creeps dying or range make it difficult to always hit max number of creeps for a given tower, but the sheet still lists damage output in mostly ideal scenarios for most towers. Unsure if the 1.5 for 100/200 aoe was intentionall or not.

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