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New Creep Types

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As evil as the creep types for the game already are, I figured I'd have some fun and suggest some even more evil creep types. Could be for a potential wars mode game someday, or just for fun.

  • Impervious
    • Immune to debuffs, but moves 15% slower as a result.
  • Bulky
    • Only runs 15 creeps in the wave, but has double health and spawns twice as slow (thereby increasing the space between the creeps)
  • Regeneration
    • Naturally recovers 2% of its maximum hp per second.
  • Sapling
    • When it dies, it drops a short, stacking debuff to all towers in the area, decreasing their damage
  • Monster
    • When it dies, heal and increase the health of a nearby creep by 10%, carrying stacks from one creep to the next.
  • Splitter
    • The entire creep wave is converted into one creep with 3000% hp. When it takes damage, it splits, equally dividing its remaining health. Cooldown of 5 seconds. Can theoretically split an infinite number of times.
  • Undying
    • When the creep would normally die, it receives an effect that prevents it from dying for 5 seconds, also healing it by a total of 10% of its maximum health during that time. Cooldown of 15 seconds.

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This would be interesting and relatively easy to implement and balance (unlike 2-ability creeps), each creep having an ability would be a nice game mode type for some extra bonus points.

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  • Blinking
    • MS is 0
    • blinks in a random interval (0.5 - 5sec?) the way it would normally have moved
    • fixed checkpoints would make special places too good?
  • Corrosive Skin
    • Lower HP
    • leaving a debuff on Towers at attack, reducing dmg done by x% for y sec.
    • Stacking a couple of times
  • Ghosts
    • Switching from ethereal to normal every couple of seconds.
    • cant be attacked in ethereal form, but take much more magic dmg (Burns, dots, special attacks) 
    • when switching to normal they get no more magic dmg, but instead more normal dmg

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Is it difficult to add some custom abilities to each wave?

For example add some ability or double hp for the next wave.

It can give more points, but if they reach the end, it will cost twice more lives.

Or it can cost some gold, but creeps will give you more bounty.

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