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  1. View the Leaderboard on www.eletd.com Often Quality is better than Quantity The Interest Timer stops at the Boss waves, spend your gold! Don't choose Level 3 Elements too early Each Support Tower can supply 4 Towers with Buffs Got Ideas to make the game better? Join the discussion at www.eletd.com!
  2. Blinking MS is 0 blinks in a random interval (0.5 - 5sec?) the way it would normally have moved fixed checkpoints would make special places too good? Corrosive Skin Lower HP leaving a debuff on Towers at attack, reducing dmg done by x% for y sec. Stacking a couple of times Ghosts Switching from ethereal to normal every couple of seconds. cant be attacked in ethereal form, but take much more magic dmg (Burns, dots, special attacks) when switching to normal they get no more magic dmg, but instead more normal dmg
  3. Swap Tower: Active Tower that can change places with other Towers, giving them a debuff so you can't swap all the time (like Trickery). Glimpse Tower: Sending creeps back x amount of time/way (maybe random), can only send them back once per round. X-Mark Tower: Short range (so it takes up space in the high dps area), X-Mark on creeps so they get back here. Only once per round. Curse Tower: Applies a Debuff on creeps dealing Dmg, when the creep uses a skill duration gets doubled. (While shielded ticks could be stopped/still deal dmg?) Rift Tower: Randomly choosing 2 creeps and bringing them both together. Maybe just creeps from same wave. Clumping them up getting higher aoe value.
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