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It looks better each time you post :). Keep up the great work!

Man, with the rate of things you're adding and expanding upon for this, I can't help but think that Karawasa secretly hired you to build a new EleTD Flash version of the game, lol.

That is smart ;).

I'm glad to hear you'd consider such an idea.

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Hi Folks !

As promised here is the version 1.0 of the Optimizer !

I uploaded it on the DEV Website, URL unchanged for now : http://towerfun.host22.com

Here is the full release note :

Version 1.0 (21.02.2013)

  • Created a new website with home-made graphics (I luv Gimp <3)
  • Made it responsive so it can be viewed on smaller devices (only tested in browsers for now, I would be interested to have some testers for handies versions.)
  • Minification of all the code and CSS
  • From now all the code of the advanced features will be server side and no more viewable in the browser. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me I will be pleased to talk with you.
  • Added a minimap!
  • Added a feature that allows to control the display of the minimap
  • Added a feature that allows the user to zoom in and out the playground with the mouse wheel.
  • Added a feature that allows the user to scroll the zoomed playground by dragging it with the mouse when holding the left click down
  • Added new controls and animations in the UI
  • Added a new sound effect on the main accordion
  • Modified the map so that you can build on the upper right island now, but well it is almost the worst possible placement considering its score...
  • Added IPhone-like check boxes =]
  • Externalized the code from the Optimizer page for cleaner design
  • Optimized pictures size
  • Successfully tested on all 4 most used browser : Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer last versions

Thx for all your good comments guys. Hope you'll like this version.

As said before I'm interested in testing volunteers!

See you next time !


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Hello folks,

Just saying hi ! to all the Tower Defense lovers over there and notifying you that I moved the Optimizer Website to a new location. You can now find it here : http://optimizertd.azurewebsites.net

I redirected the old addresses to the new ones so there won't be any dead links if you referenced the old domain name somewhere.

Everything is faster, stronger, better...

I also updated the "How to" video with some annotations (that feature was down at the time of the making of the video).


Everything should be crystal clear, if not, don't hesitate to contact me.


Happy Gaming!


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Regarding the Quark Tower, as it hits everything with orbs that only span a portion of the area hit, would you be able to modify the selection radius for it such that it instead only shows the area hit? And then some sort of option to option to show its increased range.

Really great tool; while I don't completely agree with the tower placement score (certain towers may work better in different locations based on particular builds), it is overall a great learning tool that a lot of new players could definitely use.

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Hi WindStrike,

Thx for the feedback !

The features u talk about are for version 2.0. If there are enough demands I will do them. 3 months ago, I analyzed the statistics of the 110 towers and found quite quickly the best build with the actual version of the Optimizer... so I ended up deciding not to write the solver for the moment. But maybe in the future, who knows.

For info, I just finished migrating the entire website to ASP.Net MVC 4 and just added a "Current Mood" section called "Mastering Protoss" which you can find here : http://optimizertd.azurewebsites.net/MasteringProtoss


Hope it helps.



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