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II-2DFWE Build

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W,E (for jet tower first)

F (get haste)

F,E (for upgraded forge)

W (for upgraded haste for wave 41, water type)

D,D (for upgraded muck and erosion)

triple towers:

FWE haste (main damage dealer)

DFW erosion (damage amp)

DWE muck (slow)

DFE napalm (dont use this, meh damage)

double towers:

FE forge (damage apm - is win on haste)

FW vapor (damage option

WE jet (damage option)

DW poison (damage option)

DF magnify (damage option)

DE cannon (damage option)


*bold = use


The End Game:

So the idea is to rely on haste towers as your main damage dealer, since they are good at fruits and up to that point. so the build is lean.

These adding D to WFE elements allow for coverage of haste towers's weakness, since haste is fire type damage, while nicely allowing access to a slowing tower and a damage amp tower. Get level 2 of all of these elements, for all level 2 triple towers.

Place pure darks in the center, against the right wall, which allows you to get extra shots off on leaks.

The forge tower is more damage amp.

Comparison to N-FWE Build:

Compared to the build where you add N instead of D (for quake towers for aoe damage and spring for attack speed upg), you get to upgrade damage amp erosion tower to 30%. You essentially get the same benefit of the spring tower b/c your dps is boosted by 30%, just in a different way. You also need less erosion towers compared to spring towers. It also functions the whole time, whereas springs and forges require a tower to stop shooting for automatic casting.

Getting There - Surviving:

Jet towers (or any other dual dps tower), along with pure darks are recommended as stepping stones stepping stone to haste towers. (You eventually want to get haste with pure darks to cover fore haste's weakness.) Keep the pure darks around for water waves (haha pun). Thus your AOE and single target fronts are covered, with a good variety of elemental types and solid damage - so you won't be too weak against any one elemental type.

If you go jet towers, it's earth type, has good aoe, . with dark towers, the slow projectile speed of the jet tower shouldn't matter.

(I do think jet tower has the best dps out of the dual tower options with these 4 elements. if you disagree, feel free to share why and/or substitute into your build). But make sure it's a subset of the haste tower (WFE), since you want the haste twoer first, and the dark element only after that.

The Final Piece:

The final element is light, so that you can have access to a polar tower (10% percentage based HP reduction, more damage apm), and ion tower (more slow stacking). I believe the payoffs for these two towers is far greater than topping off dark level 3 or the likes.


This build doesn't have a whole lot of strong AOE, so you might need to spend a bit more on hastes around level 35-60. But I think this build is lean in terms of getting where you want to be for fruit killing, and has access to the towers that really complement each other well (DPS, slow, damage amp), and weakness coverage

levels to watch out for:

18 composite, fast- have ray towers upgraded ready b4 wave starts

25 composite, fast - have ray towers upgraded ready b4 wave starts

31 water - have a single level 2 haste tower ready b4 wave starts, use ray towers at the end.

41 water - have around 3 haste towers b4 wave starts?

***(add on a few level 2 haste towers gradually up to level 55)

55 water - have around 15 level 2 haste towers, along with muck and erosion.

***upgrade muck and erosion asap after this wave

***pre-plant level 1 towers all over the map to max out level 2 haste towers for fruit wave

***pre-plant the precursors to upgraded erosion and upgraded muck and polar towers periodicaly spaced out

Test Runs:

175 fruit kills on VH (but i only had 6 lives by the time i got to level 60)


So if you execute the earlier parts better, you can get way more kills. my 175 is like the basic low benchmark you can get with this build.

Fun Facts:

you can have 140 towers on the map.

if you max them out with triple towers, costing 5000, total money needed is 700,000 (not a lot at all).

i had 400,000 left over, so plenty o' monies.


using upgraded forge for 30% on 4 towers is a net gain of 20% damage compared to using all upgraded haste towers only. if you're up for the micro, go for it and spam the shit out of your keyboard on the fruit level for that 20% gain. (i really need to question mechanics here, it seems the forge towers were idle UNTIL a tower started attacking. this was the opposite of what you told me on the other thread, kurakawasakimaki man)

I believe polar towers aren't worth it. 10% reduction, but that's like 5-8 spaces. its hard to do the math or intuit which one is better, but i think just more haste towers might be better. I could be wrong. In that case get 1 light, and get 8 or so polar towers around the map.


I am using the WFNE build as a benchmark, since I was practicing that build. it seems that erosion essentially does the damage of quake and spring towers with combos that fit together a bit better in the late game. But without the strong AOE of the upgraded quake tower, it seems you will need more haste towers to compensate, as well as the muck and erosion to synergize. It seems the mid game is where this build is most vulnerable. You'd just have to have better execution and know your mandatory limits. It would mean a bit less compounding, but you'd have to test that with really good execution. Plus, by the time you get to late game, you will still have relatively tons of money, and the composition late game will make up for it, once you get to there.

P.S. obliterations are nice, but i think for fruits, haste towers surpass them in the dps department.

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Looks nice ;)

I have yet to try out going 2 2 2 2 1 on elements. So I'm intrigued.

I think a 3rd tier element needs to be added for building pure towers somewhere.

(or 1 more 1st tier element for periodic)

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Looks nice ;)

I have yet to try out going 2 2 2 2 1 on elements. So I'm intrigued.

I think a 3rd tier element needs to be added for building pure towers somewhere.

(or 1 more 1st tier element for periodic)

i just use haste towers as my single target dps instead of pures or periodics.

going double interest theoretically allows you to spam the entire map with towers so that makes up for dps. eh who knows.

i'll play around with the 3rd element. and the 6th.

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(Element TD V0.81b)

With the reduction of interrest (just 1 choosable) I actually started using a different build. (but based on gwho's build)

I WFE FEW FE DD. (BTW, the reason I prefer water first is because the first anoying waves that are really anoying are the fire healing and the fire undead. Then you atleast have something to fight them if needed) And then around wave 20 to 25 I put down haste and just use resellable towers to keep myself in the run, adding towers like vapor, jet and offcoarse te forge to get enough firepower to get though, but only if needed. Its not a big problem if you make these towers on the lower waves because they can all be upgrade into haste.

then at wave 50 to 55 I start using muck + erosion to get more damage of, and beyond 55 upgrade.

I managed to get 716 points on normal with this build, but that said... I don't play solo.

I also found this build rather weak agains water waves... In te beginning you could just buy and sell rays and grenades to do your bidding, but between waves 30 and all the way up to lvl 55 (last water wave) these water waves become a pain in the behind. :lol:

The alternative i used was:

I WDEF DWEF EF, This build relies more on Muck doing the early damage. if placed well and early, (4 or 3) muck wil probably able to solo some waves (note, you will probably will need to buy and sell low tier towers to prevent leaks, or to kill the medic wave). 1 muck, 1 haste , 1 erosion tower (note, after adding Muck if you feel muck is leaking a bit much or is gonna leak more the you can handle, add Haste. If this combo starts leaking or you think it does, add Erosion.) Note that before you get Mire tower,.. you probably get another haste tower or 2/3, and with 2 haste towers or more its recommended using a forge every 4 haste towers for the damage upgrade. (because at that time, the hast tower will not 1 shot or even 2 shot anymore and the damage increase wil be helping)

At wave 40,.... get the element as soon as you can... if you get earth soon enough, you can upgrade the muck to mire. And because most of the dps you do is firebased (haste, your main damage dealer, erosion, damage amplyfier) you either need darkness or another way to stop that wave. If it comes to triplets, this is the only tower with both the element (earth,.. does not have a advantage or disadvantage) and slow to help you.

And then its just a mather of adding just enough towers to kill the wave.

(I have big succes on water waves and on leak management early on by using 1 or 2 darkness towers (lvl 2) in the 5 position (hugging the right side) but do note that they become useless after a while.)

When at the higher waves, about 54,55 and on,.. I normally have the habit on having about 7 towers at the 4 position, and 7 towers at the 3 position. Those towers are 4 blits, 1 corrosion, 1 mire, 1 forge lvl 2, and later lvl 3.

However this is not optimal, (terribly overbuild even) but at this lvl you do not have much that can really put a dent in water waves unless you invest heavely in Mire (if I would also release my element I still leak 1, 2 or 3 creeps even with this setup).

With this build I was able to pull of 984 points on normal, 712 points on hard. (again,.. I don't play solo so this is in just random matches, settings all normal and pick elements)

I just like to do this build, because its strong endgame (you might have less then the averadge life build in lifes, you will have less towers then a hail build, but most of the time with a little micro, your the last 1 standing ;) ), but it lacks the midgame "interrest farming with 1/2 towers" ability, a bit. (refering to Celerity/Velocity build with lots of micro) :rolleyes:

I am sorry for any typing or grammer errors :rolleyes: . And comments are more then welcome. ;)

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Does the "I" stand for interest? And I can't find the thing to increase interest. I can only see resell, and the elements. I don't see how to increase interest anywhere. HELP?

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