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  1. I experienced a bug (or a feature, but I don't think so) with the auto rematch, The bug was that when i went into a rematch with someone, the interrest timer would not run anymore. (I did see it shift to 15 when the mob timer went to 0 or apearred on the screen) Competitive/normal/not all random but that other random.
  2. So I did stur up some comments. I am wel aware of that, so the comment of the reversed interrest mechanics was nothing more and nothing less then to stur up this conversation. If it were just me deciding, I would change the interrest back to before the recent changes (every difficulty, 2% + 1% from vespene). But hey, I am open for change. Thou are correct. but.... that does not mean that the incoming is the problem,.. extra income = easyer game. The problem is, that a easy player with the same interrest, gets more money because he needs lesser towers... now is that really a problem.. because most beginners will not be able to manage there towers that well. The thing that I wanted to say is: Its not the interrest that is the problem,.. keep the interrest the same for each difficulty... but, make the point system on wave 61 even steaper, so on very easy,.. no points for a kill. on easy, very low points per kills, on normal, normal points per kill, on hard a lot of points per kill, on very hard, even more. This forces players to get on the higher difficulties, if they even want a chance on beating the more skilled players. In that case,... VE can be used to learn the game, but can never win it. E would still have a tremendous trouble to keep up on wave 61 simply because it will earn next to no points. But atleast, it will spice up the game a bit more, because you get more incoming, a better practise for a higher difficulty and enough minerals to try different stuff without being punished for it. If you still think I am wrong, I would be very glad to hear it.
  3. Just 1 think to add to the discussion... Though, removing interrest is a nice thing,.. it opens up the door to more creative playing. AND,.. it finally makes H/VH feel like... uh,.... hard... though I did like the extra interrest to just try and get as many fruit kills as I can. But the changes to interrest between VE and VH are just... weird... 1% VE, 1.25% E, 1.5% N, 1.75% H, 2% VH. IsnĀ“t it just the point that, very easy, should also be, very easy? Because,... I don't know if its intended, but, at this moment if 2 equally skilled people will get in a standard play, 1 on VE, 1 on normal... whatever the VE player does. The normal will win because he can accumulate more money. In my Eyes, the scale should be the other way round: 2% VE, 1.75% E, 1.5% N, 1.25% H, 1% VH. In this case,.. the very easy player will have less of a trouble keeping up with normal and hard players. (though as I found when playing very hard... without the extra interrest, even with 2%, it becomes challenging to really efficiently get to the fruit lvl with enough thowers to get many fruitkills) I agree with the early comment that the new interrest, in the form of, cutting the cost of reselling elemental towers also gives a nice gimmick, but without the interrest that can replenish the lost mins and make it worth while, its nothing more then that.... a gimmick... (btw.. I never tested the new interrest mechanic so the last sentence is just an opinion) btw,.. im just ratling, I hope i did not offend people.
  4. Abra

    II-2DFWE Build

    (Element TD V0.81b) With the reduction of interrest (just 1 choosable) I actually started using a different build. (but based on gwho's build) I WFE FEW FE DD. (BTW, the reason I prefer water first is because the first anoying waves that are really anoying are the fire healing and the fire undead. Then you atleast have something to fight them if needed) And then around wave 20 to 25 I put down haste and just use resellable towers to keep myself in the run, adding towers like vapor, jet and offcoarse te forge to get enough firepower to get though, but only if needed. Its not a big problem if you make these towers on the lower waves because they can all be upgrade into haste. then at wave 50 to 55 I start using muck + erosion to get more damage of, and beyond 55 upgrade. I managed to get 716 points on normal with this build, but that said... I don't play solo. I also found this build rather weak agains water waves... In te beginning you could just buy and sell rays and grenades to do your bidding, but between waves 30 and all the way up to lvl 55 (last water wave) these water waves become a pain in the behind. The alternative i used was: I WDEF DWEF EF, This build relies more on Muck doing the early damage. if placed well and early, (4 or 3) muck wil probably able to solo some waves (note, you will probably will need to buy and sell low tier towers to prevent leaks, or to kill the medic wave). 1 muck, 1 haste , 1 erosion tower (note, after adding Muck if you feel muck is leaking a bit much or is gonna leak more the you can handle, add Haste. If this combo starts leaking or you think it does, add Erosion.) Note that before you get Mire tower,.. you probably get another haste tower or 2/3, and with 2 haste towers or more its recommended using a forge every 4 haste towers for the damage upgrade. (because at that time, the hast tower will not 1 shot or even 2 shot anymore and the damage increase wil be helping) At wave 40,.... get the element as soon as you can... if you get earth soon enough, you can upgrade the muck to mire. And because most of the dps you do is firebased (haste, your main damage dealer, erosion, damage amplyfier) you either need darkness or another way to stop that wave. If it comes to triplets, this is the only tower with both the element (earth,.. does not have a advantage or disadvantage) and slow to help you. And then its just a mather of adding just enough towers to kill the wave. (I have big succes on water waves and on leak management early on by using 1 or 2 darkness towers (lvl 2) in the 5 position (hugging the right side) but do note that they become useless after a while.) When at the higher waves, about 54,55 and on,.. I normally have the habit on having about 7 towers at the 4 position, and 7 towers at the 3 position. Those towers are 4 blits, 1 corrosion, 1 mire, 1 forge lvl 2, and later lvl 3. However this is not optimal, (terribly overbuild even) but at this lvl you do not have much that can really put a dent in water waves unless you invest heavely in Mire (if I would also release my element I still leak 1, 2 or 3 creeps even with this setup). With this build I was able to pull of 984 points on normal, 712 points on hard. (again,.. I don't play solo so this is in just random matches, settings all normal and pick elements) I just like to do this build, because its strong endgame (you might have less then the averadge life build in lifes, you will have less towers then a hail build, but most of the time with a little micro, your the last 1 standing ), but it lacks the midgame "interrest farming with 1/2 towers" ability, a bit. (refering to Celerity/Velocity build with lots of micro) I am sorry for any typing or grammer errors . And comments are more then welcome.
  5. Abra

    Element TD 0.82

    I just love Element TD... But I am still waiting for the V0.82 to come to the EU servers. Is there any ETA on that? I would love to get my hand on the radius and diameter tower. ( @ Vyce663, Thank you )
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