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Guest ShadowDatsas

LEFN>DLFN (Gold>World)

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Guest ShadowDatsas


I play EleTD with my friend a lot, a while now.

We are playing -ap, normal mode.

He uses LEFN and mostly gold towers. I use DLFN...

Although I play better than him (build-sell faster etc.)

He always wins me.

His gold towers got 50k dmg and with the barracks (he got fire lvl3 and earth lvl3) they got 150k.

I mean wtf. and 1100 range.

Aren't they a bit overpowered!? I don't know wtf to do.


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gold towers have relatively low damage. by damage i don't mean damage per attack. I mean total damage it can output per wave :) . it has very low attackspeed and hits a single target, compared to many other towers.

If you wanna beat them with the build you use, maybe this helps.

Your towers:


Radius (damage tower - darkness)

Oblivion (damage tower - darkness)

Voodoo (support tower)

Nova (support tower)


Trickery (support tower)

Magic (damage tower - darkness)

Disease (damage tower - darkness)

Electricity (damage tower - fire)

Life (damage tower - nature)

Flame (damage tower - fire)

In general, it is good to leave support triples out until you reach mid-/lategame, so, don't build the nova tower or the voodoo tower until maybe sometime after wave 40-45 even if you have the elements for them. The trickery tower can be put it play as soon as you have a group of about <5 towers with a together value of >3500 (these numbers are made up, they are just guidelines, no exact rule to follow). Trickery 3 should be created as soon as you have it's elements. this tower boosts by 200%, just like blacksmith tower, but by summoning clones cloning.

Early on, you will need to use one of the damage triples to fight with, oblivion or radius. They are both darkness damage and thus go well with fire damage (why does fire and earth stack better with darkness than nature light and water does? read the elemental damage type guide: https://forums.eletd.com/index.php?s=&s...post&p=7435 or at least the first part of that post). I suggest you go for oblivion since radius is a very complicated tower to play. and oblivion can hunt down elemental bosses. try to upgrade as soon as possible into the oblivion level 2 tower, the necromancy tower. you will have nothing to protect you against light waves very well, but you can build a couple of eternal (life level 2) towers. and an early on necromancy can beat the level 37 light mechanical wave.

since oblivion is strong versus bosses, you will not leak them many laps if you summon the level 3 darkness and light elemental early. you can if you want summon them already at wave 35 and 40. you may leak them one lap but you have eternal towers to give you lives back if they get last-hits.

As soon as your trickery level 3 is up, you will be safe for some time. next mission is to add 2 new elements, fire level 1 and fire level 2. the voodoo tower level 2 is worth building if you understand how it works, and work your drakes to make good use of the voodoo. nova tower level 2 you can build one in the middle of the map(area 5) or one at area 7 and area 1 (referring to how your numpad looks).

you will need to build additional necromancy towers but also you will need towers of other elements. Electricity level 2 towers are worth building since I suggest your last element would be fire (for electricity and magic level 3).

upgrade electricities to level 3. remember to build new trickery level 3 towers: at least one eidolon per 4 other towers (nova/voodoo not included). more electricity and more trickery.

To summarise:

elements to pick: LDN LDN LD FFF or in other words L D N L2 D2 N2 L3 D3 F1 F2 F3

Towers to build:

first Oblivion

then Trickery

then Life

last Electrcicty

Hope this works for you, if it does not, tell me where your problematics are ongoing =)

Radius can be played instead of oblivion. this is hard vs bosses since you'll have to use something different, and radius is not easy, but it is better because it can max electricity faster. here is an example replay of it https://forums.eletd.com/index.php?act=atta...post&id=806 but this one was during a contest where some towers were banned, so it's not perfect, and would be played better without interest rate increased.

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Guest ShadowDatsas


This is better game analysis than the one Chessmaster X does.

Haha:D Thanks. I am not that noob btw:P

I'll try going late into necromancy.

What I did till now was: Interest D L F L F N N D L

I used trickery to clone up to 6 pures, 3dark 3light...

I though that was best.

Anyway I'll try it and post again.

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Guest ShadowDatsas

I played again. I took Interest first because I thought I wouldn't have money at the late game to build towers.

But then, with 1 eidolon, I have 3 free towers.

So money is not a problem.

I go with the oblivion build, and have some life to save me from light waves.

Thank you very much I will try without interest and fire lvl3 to gain some late damage.

I would like to play with you sometime!

Where do you play? Bnet, garena?

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Guest ShadowDatsas

I tried to join clan etd (typed /j clan etd)

But it said that channel is restricted. My bnet name is ShadowDatsas.

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I've used a triple element combo of just LEF (no Nature) on VH and before I spent some more on round 59, I had about 90,000 gold in reserve and still taking out all creeps. It could be higher with better interest abuse, but seeing as that wouldn't happen in multiplayer games (in fact, I was doing minor stalling), you wouldn't be able to get quite as high. However, you could still have at least 30,000 gold by the end of the game on VH easily with that combo.

Normal difficulty... you should be able to mass stockpile gold with many gold towers. I honestly think they're slightly overpowered in the respect that you can have so much in reserve, though I can't say it works the best when against the Ronald round.

It's not so much that gold powers have a relatively low damage output per wave, but they get a really good bonus on the ones they do kill, and for levels say... 20 to 50 (that is, without ridiculous interest abuse), they're getting the majority of the kills whilst you have a few other towers (I used quark towers... a really low amount of them) killing off a few here and there. In normal difficulty, getting over 100,000 in reserve without having to spend it by the end probably isn't that hard really.

So if you're having trouble against a LEFN (adding that Nature would probably make the defense even better), it's probably because your opponent has a heck of a lot more gold than you do, especially since it's normal difficulty.

I think in a multiplayer match with more people, the gold tower is balanced, but if you only have two or three or if every else also stalled a bit, then it can be really cheap.

EDIT: Okay, those gold values were only x10 the value they were supposed to be. In other news, it's pretty easy to get over 100,000 in reserve after a full defense by the end of the game. Gold Towers = cheap.

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Guest PsyxakiasMaster

Hi all, I am Shadowdatsas friend,

He is a better player but refuses to use gold towers. I used to base almost entirely on golds and quackers but now I use golds and quarks more or less.

I believe that coping with the vh version of the game means you need to use gold ...

At least till waves 50 or 51

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Not at all.. LWFN doesn't require gold towers, so does many other builds.

in fact, in competitive multiplayer, gold towers are way too slow to survive against any rushing build.. gold towers cannot form the basis of your defense, at most two or three. you'll either have to micro it well to manually last hit creeps or just gain a small amount of extra gold here and there..

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