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  1. I believe I have discovered the issue. After messing around a bit, changing towers and moving around, the frog to reach the exit turned around and started to go through the maze backwards. It appears that the frog successfully made it to the target pathing point, and then either gain aggro on me or a tower. Here is an image of a frog with aggro on a tower, facing left and not moving. The frog has also followed me while I was in the trench. I am unable to replicate this again as I am likely going to die this round. Hope this helps.
  2. Upon reaching the boss waves, a single frog (the first one to the exit) each round would become stuck in place. I have attached a screenshot of this. Normally this wouldn't be a huge issue, but I don't have any towers capable of firing at the exit, and am relying on a bunch of cannons to kill them (which takes fucking ages). A life is not deducted when the frog reaches the exit. Let me know what you need from me to help fix this bug.
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