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  1. Depends on what you are doing, express will need a different build than what classic needs. Also there is more than one way to do it so it depends on what you are most comfortable with. Here’s some tips to help you break 2m classic: I typically build cannons until 7, then two light then sell the cannons on 8 upgrade one light tower to lightning and one to atom from there you gotta figure out the rest elemenal order tip : light,earth,Fire,earth,fire,light,dark,water,nature,water,dark express: vapor and three level two water cannon towers sell them at level 5 and upgrade the vapor tower to ethereal tower from there u gotta figure it out . elemental order tip: water,earth,nature,fire,light,dark,light,fire,earth,water,dark
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    Gold bug

    I found a bug that occasionally occurs when using gold towers the game will erroneously grant bonus gold for a single kill to multiple towers. This results in a single kill granting more gold the more towers it assigns the killing blow. Why it does this I haven’t pin pointed but I have replicated the bug several times by rebuilding 10 towers and reselling them repeatedly to ensure they all shot at the same time. i know you aren’t updating this version and have moved it to the graveyard but identifying it may be useful for the next version you are making. The first picture is a screenshot showing when the bug occurs naturally you can end up with 30-50k gold more than you would normally get if the bug didn’t occur. To test this I built and sold gold towers over and over during waves immediately insuring multiple towers got the killing blow; this caused a second bug which caused the game to misshandle how gold is awarded and this is what happened:
  3. There is a lot of cheating going on there are scores of 5 million in express. No way you get 5 million in classic on level 62 anyway. if you want to break 2 million here are some tips: -the map matters. Larger maps means the creeps take longer to reach the exit, this means it is easier to get low speed multipliers. Try lava it’s the smallest, and adjust your towers accordingly. - chaos/random do not affect score, these just make the game much more challenging; if you want to go for score you need gold towers so you can’t reliably pull this off with random, chaos only matters in the first 5 levels so you can keep this on if you like. - gold towers are key early - runic towers are key late - you need all six elements - the way I broke 2m was starting with blue brown so I could make geyser into ephemeral. You won’t break 3m with that strat but you can definitely break 2m easy. legit scores are quite a bit lower than the leaderboard scores. Here’s what my board looks like :
  4. Pure suicide is the only achievement I can’t seem to unlock. I tried using only level one duals and periodic; still could not get the achievement to open.
  5. Hopefully we will get the exploits fixed. Other than that game is great. I look forward to the next version.
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    ScoreBoard needs another purge.
  7. The scoreboard tracks the elements you chose if you can place on it.
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    Money tower

    Currently the highest scores without cheating require gold towers to take advantage of the 30% gold bounty bonus. This allows you to sell the majority of them later to build other towers. Personally id like to see a rework for haste towers, too much of their dps is wasted at the later stages of the game. This is significantly more important past level 19 in express and 34 in classic. gunpowder towers need a major buff. Of all the dual towers they are significantly weaker than their counterparts the range does not make up for the significant damage disparity, testing in god mode suggests at least 100 base damage should be added, as much as 125 might be needed, or an increase in attack speed and detonation rate to compensate for the difference. Flooding towers should see a slight increase in their projectile speed or the delay from activating the damage application as a dot needs to be removed. Mushroom towers should have their aoe reduced slightly, projectile speed increased. incantation should have the bottom end debuff for all units increased by 3% at both levels currently both jinx and corrosion outperform this tower at all stages except when killing bosses making it significantly weaker after level 50, a small baseline buff should bring it more in line with its counterparts across a full wave. This will open up more options for quad element builds. gold towers need the bounty bonus reduced to 10%/20%. Reduce attack rate to 1 sec base. Increase penalty for selling level 2 towers to 15%, level 3 to 20%. Periodical to 30% Debuffs should not persist through death for single target debuffs. Flamethrower towers debuff detonating twice as an example. Debuff from polar tower should refresh the calculation based on current health on application currently debuffs from other towers cause the calculation to apply to maximum health without reducing the health if the current health is already below the calculated health. attacks that land after a unit crosses the exit causes a units pathing to be lost resuling in multiple lives to be deducted as the unit zig zags between the entrance and exit. Occasionally this results in a unit freezing off map in a location the player cannot see. Suggest adding invulnerable buff to be applied between the two points. Final suggestion, remove the cheaters from the leaderboard. At the very least patch the exploits allowing people to post scores from god mode. Tired of of seeing 4m on express mode. You know damn good and well those scores aren’t legit. Anything over 850k needs to go in express, anything above 2.5m needs to go in classic. If their score is legit they should have no problem getting it again. Separate mobile scores from desktop version.