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  1. Could you please post your match ID please? So that I can look into the issue here. When I tried myself, I don't get any problem.
  2. Nature - Good speed Water - it's ok Earth - Good AOE damage Fire - Good burn damage Dark - Decent damage and good ability Light - Best in range and attack almost non-stop throughout the wave. My personal favorite is Light because the damage stacks per hit and barely rest. 3 element tower is good as well. It's better incorporate pure and 3 element tower and support to increase the tower potential.
  3. I like this 1.9 patch. It improves the game speed and difficulty. For the towers: Nature is kinda strong, which I know its gonna be nerf on the next patch. Which is great! Fire is indeed more effective compared to the previous patch. Water can deal a decent damage when it comes to mid-late waves. Vapor really did improved. It can deal a decent amount of damage up to wave 50. Overall, everything is much more balanced.
  4. Let the wrath of the tower take on those waves. Well, I guess the following patch will be balancing all the over powered tower in this version.
  5. Yes, I agree that most people have a low rank would not care about the score because they feel like they can never beat those top 100 peeps. Yes, some people will rage once changes are made and some people will like those changes. Changes are usually for the better good. Since, it's going to balance out the towers. When the changes are made, people will rage at first but after awhile they will get used to the gameplay. In other words, adaptation is they key for winning the game. For example, there is a game that I have no good tower except for Vapor. So I have to make a gazillion of those just to defeat the wave. Hence, don't over think about making those changes.
  6. If the poison stacks slow per hit, I would recommend on increasing the movement speed of the wave. The reason is, when you have two level 2 slow tower, it is pretty slow. If you add a minor slow again, the wave will not move unless its a single target slow. I agree that the lightning doesn't seems much different than before. I don't really agree with reverting the hp for the frogs, as the frog should have been a boss wave. Instead of reverting the hp, how about reducing the amounts of frog. If reducing the frog would decrease the difficulty, then how about decrease the wave but the frog has 2 abilities just like challenge mode.
  7. The earth tower has great improvement on the animation and speed. The earth tower should have its ability back for it to have its purpose back just like GoatAss said. The fire tower has great improvement compared to 1.7. I reckon the fire tower is balance for now. Overall, the speed wave and frog wave is good. The speed wave have the speed which gives a little challenge and the frog wave really acts like a boss instead of testing the defense of the tower.
  8. How does this challenge mode work? The score multiplier and the bounty multiplier are the same as the mode you choose?
  9. If it would make it too strong for quake if it has the range, then its base damage can be reduced and increase its stack damage.
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