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  1. I couldn't replicate this issue when playing single player. Does this occur on the Autumn lane?
  2. Fixed in Update: 5 Nov @ 10:02am. Please let me know if there are any more wave spawning issues.
  3. I understand why this is occurring. It is because in the boss wave the wave can consist of a mixture of units with the bulky buff, and as these units are suppose to act as 2 units when killed the creeps remaining count can go well below 0 and trigger a wave each time a creep is killed.
  4. Thanks for reporting this issue. It is difficult however to determine what exactly went wrong as there is no longer access to replays. If you are able to provide steps to replicate this issue that would be appreciated.
  5. I'm pretty busy for the next few weeks but should be able to fix it towards the end of June.
  6. A_Dizzle

    Clone tower

    This issue has been fixed in the latest update. Thank you for reporting it.
  7. Can you provide reproduction steps for this issue?
  8. I just pushed to the workshop myself. Let us know if there are any more issues.
  9. I have made a merge request to fix this bug. I'm waiting on windstrike to make a push to the workshop.
  10. We will be performing a leaderboard sync to the master soon. I am just waiting on Karawasa to assist me with it.
  11. Eletd.com/leaderboard is not on the latest build of the leaderboard and not even used for in-game ranking. Please refer to hatinacat.com/leaderboard until the main leaderboard has been updated.
  12. Classic leaderboards are cleaned. I have put in a new system to prune game entries that void the gameplay scoring logic. Let me know if you see anymore false positives.
  13. This should be fixed now. Are you still having issues?
  14. I am looking at the database for this entry and cheat has been set to 0. Meaning that the game was not detected as a sandbox game on the server. The database only ever takes what it is given and stores it. I will update this game manually on hatinacat to cheat 1, but you will need to change it on eletd.com as well.
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