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  1. managed to get 1850 FP on non-maze, most i got with new system, beside maze infinite, and 2-man team. this is way better than old system where i got 1350 max in non-maze.
  2. i've been playing the new version and tested a few things. i will like to point out and ask for your opinion on them. - VH is no longer the optimal mode for max fruit points, nor is hard. normal seems to be the optimal one for high score. anything under or over in difficulty won't make up in money gain or creeps strength reduction. i've tested with different budgets and same build (max budget for each difficulty, but total budget N< H <VH) and fruit scores N>H>VH. - towers still have an awful targeting mechanic or rather glitch. is true they attack closest target, and most of the time stay on that target, but if the creeps get OOR for 1 second then come back in range the tower re-targets closest target, leaving the low hp creeps run around. still big difference between spam click attack vs let towers attack on they're own. when i was suggesting laser tower targeting mechanic, i was pointing out that that towers has 3 modes(random from my tests seems to be normal mech not actually "random") aoe/hit all equally, normal/random, target lowest target, all witch seem to work perfectly compared to other towers that can't seem to have a decent dps when left on auto attack. -clone towers have a wired mechanic of placement algorithm, they tend to place the towers they clone in the worst position possible. to be continued... can't remember now all the things i tested.
  3. hey. -Fixed hotkey for water tower on builder still not working. my water towers never on the bind. all others work fine, also summoning water from elemental tower works, but from builder i still can't see w.
  4. i hope this is the right place to post this. i don't know if this is already common knowledge but i have discovered a way to reduce low fps when alot of towers are on the map, or if your pc brakes quickly. at least for me if i use laser tower and i have 30-40 it start getting under 12 fps(12 fps is the limit from witch your eyes can see the lag, and max is 70 fps after witch your eyes can't notice a difference). so for what i have tested i got 120 lasers with 25-50 fps by moving my camera to an empty player slot and zooming in, far from my space where all the graph brake the pc(for multiplayer i guess you can find an empty spot or use the space at middle of map where the creators/help mobs are). this works even in your space, if you use max zoom in for your map it will decrease your pc load and you will see an increase in fps(again this only when you have so many towers that your pc gets under 12 fps) anyway the use for this i can see only for end levels, or levels where you need no micro like selling/ building/ targeting, this will help to prevent a fatal error due to system load witch you get when too many fruits and towers are on the screen in games(multiplayer) or reduce lag/low fps so you won't miss damage on fruits. from what i have tested, having high latency or low fps affects your effective dmg(don't really know how and why but it does), so avoiding it will help you get 100% dmg of your towers in case your pc can't handle looking at all the stuff on the screen with max zoom out. also about the tests with low fps/high latency, if you have in game "game time" activated you will see that that clock will start to move slower at low fps(i suppose and i see it for <12 fps it maybe even higher), also if you have a certain build that will kill all fruits of a given level at a certain point (tested with max level fruits) with no lag no low fps, and then try the same with low fps or lag, you will see that the last fruit will die later in the maze, so late it maybe leak or considerable distance difference, suggesting that tower damage is tied to your latency and fps(witch affect it if they are not at good parameters like 350 ms max, 12 fps min just an estimate). so short version for all to use in eletd if they have latency/fps issues or crash at fruits levels, use max zoom in for the camera, and focus on an empty player spot or center of the map(or you can zoom-in in your own player spot but with less efficiency). so not focusing the camera on the action will greatly increase performance.
  5. not possible, experimented in sandbox, and i was planning to move to normal game after if i was at least close to success. not even with full towers around 228 spots for them, you can do it from normal but not for hard or very hard, no matter if you go single/aoe dmg. also you could run them infinitely on very easy non-maze with smart playing. the amount they heal in hard+ is too big to even kill a fruit with 228 towers from witch 2 are pures/periodic.
  6. -Removed the bonus creep buff (Hero Mode) what do you mean? the creeps are still 2x hp, 100% hp and 100% shield
  7. ender

    Default Target Mode

    Towers already target closest and stay on it? no i doesn't seem so. if you pay attention to fruit levels where the creeps has enough hp and abilities to not be one shot, the towers be them aoe or single target, support or dmg, have a weird targeting. they definitely don't keep attacking until the mob is dead or OOR, or don't seem to keep on one target too long. they do indeed target closest but i think there is the problem. they recalculate who the closest is(don;t know if every second or every 5 second ) and they swap to that new closest instead of keeping the dmg up on the first target.
  8. are those number the new numbers for witch difficulty? i doubt that maze will be harder i managed to run infinite fruits in team, so that is 2x protection or translated in hp 2x the hp or maze VH solo, or you need 2x dmg on VH team compared to dmg needed for VH solo, and we still run the fruits up to max 500k hp, and after 5 waves to be sure we sold and ended the game. i have another opinion VE, E, normal should get buffed in fruit points. i don;t know how new fruit system will work, but with old system in VE compared to VH you have 1 point vs 7 points, dmg wise in VE you need 55 dmg and in VH 200 dmg(this are number to show the difference in dmg needed when taking into account the hp and dmg reduction mods) so is like 1 to 3.6, money wise VE can get you around 135k(maybe more but i think 150k is a hard cap) vs VH at least 100k(you can get even close to 125k considering you get more money than VE). so the mods are VE is 3.6x times easier, you get 1.5x more money, and 7 times less points, so 1.5x3.6= 5.4, nowhere near 7 witch makes the mod really not worth it, considering that even very hard is not that hard if you pay attention, anyone can clear it, the easiest tact is spend all money asap up to wave 40-45, when the big money come in and is worth to make economy for interest, and your money spend up to that wave in towers is enough on VH to clear up to wave 61. i'm no saying make VE and other close to the 7 of VH but 5.4 vs 7 is too big of a gap. i tried to calculate how many points you will get on VE considering you have less fruit hp, less dmg mitigation, you got more money due to economy(you don;t need same tower power for first 60 waves, lots of interest), but way way lower points per kill.
  9. char id is at add friend by character and in the left lower corner is your number. add my EU ender[email protected] and US [email protected]
  10. ender

    Update Coming

    i think is variable type bound, like integer or i don't know the rest , did some programing long ago, have a cap on how high the number can be, same as in wow with the 264k old gold cap, after that you will start from 0 again. i think this cap is bugging the max wave strength currently. if you get to the point the fruits get max hp, they will suddenly die from a random reason non related to towers, at least not dmg towers, it may be a support bug also combined with hp limits.
  11. ender

    Random bugs

    i only get the messed up interface if i leave my home region. so is like global play is not up. 1. alot of people can't see the region button, no matter what unless you make some .xml commands in sc 2 folder witch is unofficial and who knows if is legit. 2. game is fubar out your original region i can't play a game because of random interface bugs, either crazy names instead of +10 gold or +1 something, or interface not responding at all in normal games.. again for some people .
  12. ender

    Update Coming

    is that hp cap 500k?
  13. ender

    Update Coming

    i tried playing on US server as a EU player(original license) and game run with random codding text instead of normal information. didn't try it on EU witch is original server.
  14. ender

    Random bugs

    new sc 2 patch, i try the game and all messages and pop-ups are shown as a long long string of "param/value/number letters/more number/more letters" instead of gold gain or wave info etc.
  15. ender

    Update Coming

    sc 2 update and the game now is completely unplayable, can you do a hotfix please. all stuff in game look like param/value/and a vast number of numbers and letters combo
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