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  1. oh im srry:D take your time and if u can only then..if not is ok bro...gl with the work:D
  2. this is my latest try..what should i improve? Edit:my friend made 230!! how does he does?(he doesnt tell me thesecret:() 157kills.w3g
  3. thx bro for the reply and i cant wait for part 2 of advices...so far my conclusion is this: -interest i use just 1 ant the start of game -i must focus on ELF and lvl 2 of them for the first part of game - i will add 1 zealot for 3-4 gold tower How many towers of gold should i do and after i start zealott towers where i put them for best position(i cant make the full map with them because i cant upg all to fanatic)..and i rly cant understand the numpad rotation stuff
  4. srry for that i will try again today:D eletd74.w3g
  5. i hope this is good Edit..finnaly i could watch your ronald replay and i tride the tactic for me..but it went well until waves 55+ when i strted losing lives(ended with 8 lives at ronald start) and i only fif 78 kills ..but is my first try:) eletd.w3g
  6. i will put the replay today because i dint had time last day:D Edit: replay here I am Sunt_Ciumeg and i played with some friends...and i know is a worse game but whati i must improve? or could someone tell me a strategy with oter elements..
  7. lol good advice..i will post a replay later...i use LEFN as build and i go on nova and gold tower as soon as posible( to make cash fast ) then i go for a combination of other towers...is the only build that i can do 70 + ronalds and i dont know other(and believe me i tried and readed all this forum and i cant find something to kill as many ronalds(the builds on forum are very good i supose but idk how to put in practice)..thx again i wil upload tommorow a replay(now is night and i go sleep:D)
  8. i did only 83 ronalds..can anyone give me a replay to see a style or to make an idea?
  9. thx for your reply andi hope i will do a good job(is a contest with some my friends:D)
  10. thx for your interest:D..i usually play LENF with bownty some nova and others...im open of sugestions and if u could give a replay so i can learn i will be very happy...the fact is that i have an contest in 2 days and we play 4.3 ele td and that is why i need help
  11. i cheked but it ill be a very good thing if anyone could give me a replay so i can learn few tricks or a smple guide for passing 75 + ronalds
  12. no one has no replay or a guide? pls i rly need this
  13. pizdulica

    i need help

    Can anyone help me with a guide or replay on how to beat as many ronalds in element td 4.3?i rly need to know as fast as i can Is on veryeasy mod all pick,normal speed and ronald finale(my record is only 60 so far)
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