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  1. flyjum.725 Ill play it and report some feedback on what I like and dont like
  2. yea but I have been playing element td since version 2.0 on wc3 I think I should be able to beat it on very hard I have not gotten past 50 or so After wave 40 its ramps up really hard in difficultly because how slow towers build and upgrade so selling is very very hard even though this is the most important part of the game in terms of income from wave 35-55 is the most important part.
  3. yupe Also why is interest at less then 2% on lower then very hard? Those modes should be easier not gimped with less interest I dont like the current version at all. Its nearly impossible to beat on very hard and the other modes are really weak with less intrest.
  4. pure fires are great Water is the worst tower in the game
  5. Same I have not been able to beat it in very hard in a public game I have tried like 20 times or so What is the point of sell if you still lose mineral value each time? every time you sell you lose like 12% of your worth even with the upgrade. At least make the sell percent 100% if you pick it because its useless with out it. Reduced interest in other modes also makes it them quite a bit harder as well. Basically no reason every to play all pick because you lose out on 2 gas worth of summons With out interest very hard is almost impossible to beat
  6. flyjum

    Super Weapons

    This will be great once its done Element td is falling in the ranks I think its because once people beat it they feel like nothing left to do in the game so they dont play it anymore. People like person vs person type games so this will be great.
  7. I feel like slow is quite a bit weaker in sc2 then it was in wc3. Anyone think so?
  8. flyjum


    maybe just 2% for VE E and N and 3% for H and VH
  9. a lot of people seem to be going the life tower route idk why also people have the worst placement of towers in public games they always put at tip of long passes
  10. If you check memory it will be maxed I did a build that lagged like hell as well Mass torrent towers with level 3 springs Anyway nice build I got to like 1k kills and left because it never got harder or ended was just mass lag. After I left sc2 was still using all my ram (was using 3.5 gb of my 4gb) even in menus I think its a problem with the sc2 game engine.
  11. I think any spell or aoe from tower is same as attack range
  12. flyjum

    Super Weapons

    Maybe make it so you have offensive and defensive skills and use "points" to use use the spells. Say you get 1 offensive and one defensive point per 5 rounds just like elemental point. You can buy more with gold(cost a lot so you don't want to unless its late in game or your about to die.) Offensive spells Spawn reverse- reverse spawn from coming out of left side to coming out of right. Tower stun - prevents all towers from attacking for say 3 seconds. Steal money- Steal 25% of players current bank amount Hidden boss- When the player spawns next element it will have 2x hp (does not work on level 3 elements) Increase creep life Increase the life of that wave say to 3 rounds higher health (has warning sound before wave starts letting you know build) Steal life- Steal 5 lives from that player (cant be reduced below 1 live) Slow build- Triple the time it takes to build and upgrade for that round. Invisble round- Makes the round invisible ( level 3 tower arrow and grenade towers can see units) Purchase offensive skill point Make it so you can purchase skill points kinda like pure towers or something Defensive spells No ability- Next spawn has no abilities like heal fast or undead. Creep slow Slows all creeps in your lane for 10 seconds (50% move speed reduce happens all at once so they dont bunch up) Double damage- Gives a tower double damage for that wave No leak- Leaking creeps dont take lives for 5 seconds Instant build Towers build and upgrade instantly for that round. Scan- Can see invisible units in entire area. Purchase defensive skill point Same as offensive.
  13. Make a max interest cap. Not sure how much but around 2500$? This would make interest still viable and be effective mid game without getting stronger and stronger as the game goes on.
  14. Also in non random mode your net worth will be lower because it takes into account the reduce sell value of the towers.
  15. Good tower with micro average to weak without
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