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  1. I like short mode a lot but maybe there should be a way to "-random" after selecting it since it always starts after level 5. Also, What about short and competitive mode at the same time?
  2. Has this tower actually worked out for anyone? It feels like the hail and comet are just not shooting at all. And everytime i've made a bunch of them, the game crashes.
  3. I think that's an incredible idea and could really spice up Ele. No vision is a scary thought, but with a really inexpensive reveal spell it could be alot more fun than if the whole map was revealed. I think randomness in spells loses the strategic potential of the mode though, but to prevent some mean targetting, maybe place some gangbang protection so one player doesn't get picked on too badly?
  4. I don't really find that a game needs to be 'beatable' in order to be considered good. I think Ele td is more about competition and lasting longer than everyone else (especially in same random games) than it is about whether or not you can beat level 60. The later levels aren't too fun anyway, imo, there's less micro involved and it depends mostly on the amount of gold you have since everyone has mostly the same towers available.
  5. Maybe Ele td could toy with the idea of minimum movespeed, like in Gem Td. Basically, no matter how many slows you stack, the creeps will not get slowed beyond a certain movespeed. This would basically make it so that you won't need every type of slowing tower out there, and force more damage based towers to be made instead.
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