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  1. of course i will help! NA KlausPactus.xxx *i dont remember the number i will change this soon*
  2. Standard - For the Standard I think it should be somewhere between 35 and 40 seconds at maximum, I did some tests with placement of towers and 40 seconds is more than enough for another wave. Competitive - For competitive I think maybe it would be better to make a game mixed difficulty, or a vote to see what difficulty everyone wants, I think the difficulty in this mode should be chosen by vote and not by the host. Race - For the race mode everyone should go on random but this random is the same for everyone, for everyone has equal chance of winning. Extreme - I did not understand that the countdown is always 0 in the extreme, and also, life tower should be prohibited in this mode. would be great if we could come up with another game mode, with heroes perhaps, and where are the powers of the builders?
  3. also the fruits on last level is coming all together >:
  4. in some waves, the basic towers hit creeps but gave no damage
  5. i think 3 cap its too high, what you guys think of lowering the cap to 2?, getting a total of 4% of interest what do you guys think?
  6. LA alguemx - KlausPactus.683
  7. Glad to hear it! French seems to be the other language we need for EU server. Can you PM me your contact information? Glad to hear it! This seems good for SA server. Which one of you? This question is for you, Hemo, and alquemx. What would be the easiest way to do the translation? I was thinking that I could create a word file with all of the text (ability description, tower description, in-game text etc.). Then, you two would return to me the translated file. From there, I could just copy and paste it all into the map. That work? yes this will be good! just send this file to me, add me on messenger too [email protected]
  8. I'm Brazilian, i can do a good translation for PT-BR \o
  9. Tanks man i play since 1.5 lol and i'm waiting for starcraft 2 version 8D
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