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  1. So far i havent noticed anything that anyone else hasnt pointed out already. i would however like to note that when playing in the lanes which have water its becomes increasingly harder to see the creeps. I know its just cosmetic but i always means i want to play certain lanes. shall play ALOT tonight as i have tomoro off so will edit my post if need be
  2. dillyz


    if you can be online at 9:30-10pm EST id be greatly appreciative or if anyone who gets the game off Maverck be online as i wont be home till then from work and also thanks alot for hosting!
  3. dillyz

    Alpha Signup

    thebanger 958 SEA not home for about 6 hours but i hope i can get to it
  4. dillyz

    Alpha Signup

    can we get number for SEA as im dying for this or add me im thebanger 958 on SEA and am on quite a bit
  5. dillyz

    Alpha Signup

    thebanger on SEA please add me or tell me who to add to play this as like the other guy posted i bought this for ele td and dota!
  6. SEA thebanger id play this everyday and with friends
  7. any updates on the starcraft 2 version i can say id be more than happy to drop 10-15 bucks on an eletd game only thing which would annoy me would be the game download if it was too big
  8. ahh awesome thanks for the email and update! ill have to try this out on my laptop as my pc is still waiting for the starcraft version
  9. Whats the latest! my fingers are getting itchy waiting to play this
  10. any updates on progress?
  11. hi i just registered today but ive been playing Ele TD for at least 18 months haha. i absolutely love this map me and my friends still play it to this day!. if you need any beta testing in Australia i can guarantee me and my friends would be able to give great feedback! (we all have sc2 - Legit copies) if not then we cant wait for the release either way. we still play the wc3 map at least 4 times a week haha.
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