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  1. Just wanted to point out that I did that before I gave the terrain away, and found no pathing issues, so must have bugged up somewhere/somehow (or I just closed my eyes while trying some areas) It could however, be helpful for fixing purposes, if you provided more specific info on the places you experienced issues with the pathing "certain areas" really doesn't say much
  2. Wiieeh Cheers! (I'm responsible for the terrain ) Bugs : I played as red and I didn't really pay attention to the trees, could you screenshot the ones who are troubling you? They're probably shrinkable for comfort. Probably the units that are walking about.
  3. Zarakk

    Creep Models?

    irc feedback compiled: Helion's tint seems out of place set earth,fast zerglings team color to brown (in actor > event terms > do event that sets team color on birth) change the fire void ray into a red teamcolord Mohandar
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