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    Element TD 1.0

    link need to download? i want play it.
  2. possible. you have existing web pages. CSS is the way that you want your web page look nice, smart and standardize. CSS without HTML = nothing. HTML without CSS = still can see web page.
  3. It's worse than that : you have a lot less time between waves, meaning it's a lot harder to micromanage your tower and build. Just finished Extreme mode with shot mode start lvl15... Very hard type... ronald kill 200++ TQ karawasa
  4. my WC3 1.24 lor... see the map . for sure elemen td 4.2c can run with WC3 1.24. this strategy for solo elemenTD can be accepted or break the rule???
  5. kvic


    Latest map eleTD4.2c Can u all make it Ronalds competition- who are faster kill ronalds 100 kills. Since mostly who using Soul Catcher we will be the winner style get more hundred kill with ronalds.. It look like unfair.. -competition money, who are lowest money but can finished lvl 60 wave. -competition total towers, who are the lowest total tower that finished lvl 60 wave. -winner banker Energy Tower very lag when make more then 10 towers.
  6. ups lol! i wonder what happened to that replay :S...anyway i will post another later..sorryy i cant play this days...but i will ask some especific help... how to defeat hard ap sm..using electricity/lightning towers ...life/ethernal towers ...nova/super nova towers ..in zone 5...i mean..after that i dont really know what to do and the many options confuse me :S...im sure that with a little tactic i would win...i have reached lvl 58 and i know im pretty bad get Life tower most important (if wanna play long life with ronalds) + interest it good try play at early level game until lvl 20.
  7. sorry boss. Thanks for ur maps. eleTD4.2c This i use trick skill, Very2 useful, just need lvl 20 u can get 70k money. then upgrade tower using one eye only plus one hand mouse. no need keyboard.. i give replay my first time using this trick.. actually most people know this trick. im the slowest one so late to think about that. can get more kill ronalds, but lazy to place exactly with tower more suitable and focus. When ronalds out. i cant upgrade tower. very2 lag... maybe later want try extreme mode. p/s - last i play ur elemen with eleTD3.0 after long while not play.... ElemenTD_VeryHardWin339.w3g
  8. Just finished eleTD 4.2c kill Ronalds 339 kill. Mode: very hard, all pick and all normal.
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