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    latest version?

    although...do you know what was the last version for w3 and where to dl it ? ( no [email protected]... )thx
  2. n1kko

    latest version?

    there was a time were element TD was playable on warcraft 3..did i miss something┬┐
  3. where can i find the latest version of ele td? huge page and no download link confuses me :S ..its been a year since i dont play it.
  4. someone up the replay to test the strategy in hard o very hard ? btw hole...all the replays are played in xsm...once you told to me that is because the pro players can beat the first 30 waves with canon/arrow towers . how can you summon elements and defeat them with composite towers from lvl 1? i supose it was possible..but you will lose 20/30 lifes at least..playing in hard/VH.. otherwise...theres a guide/replay explaining how to do that? thx
  5. well i try LFNW as you said and i could complete ap short mode hard ,so im glad for now haha =)..despite i killed only one ronalds i didnt care about this...because now im sure you can mark my mistakes in order to improve mi level and some day i will be able to defeat very hard...special thanks to hazy & holepercent . atlast.w3g
  6. whatever i try i cant win on hard mode... i play short mode,not extra short mode because i think its too easy having 6 elements spirits granted for sure..because playing normally i sometimes lost some lifes summoning some lvl 2 or lvl 3 spirits... i dont know what to do..i mean..i have tried dnef dnew dnel flne and so many others and still cant win haha =(.. i need a perfect guide holepercent,maybe thery are not perfect to you people who can play on VH but for me ..learning wich element should be summoned first...what and how many towers of a certain type build ( 2 aoe slow for every support or dps tower,as an example etc ) its essencial cyas!
  7. thx hase..so..a build like FLNE should be able to defeat hard mode? ( at mi playing lvl of course haha ) due to bonus dmg between the elements it should be more easy to summon and kill the spirits lvl3 isnt it?
  8. ups lol! i wonder what happened to that replay :S...anyway i will post another later..sorryy i cant play this days...but i will ask some especific help... how to defeat hard ap sm..using electricity/lightning towers ...life/ethernal towers ...nova/super nova towers ..in zone 5...i mean..after that i dont really know what to do and the many options confuse me :S...im sure that with a little tactic i would win...i have reached lvl 58 and i know im pretty bad
  9. here it is... i loose in the round 58 so i think im pretty close to defeat ap hard ( this time i have played short mode )...althoug i have a graphic delay ( i was playing in an old pc :S )... i was trying to get a pure and i choose fire...i think i screw it up with this choice..please advice me about tower plasement and timing and everything you want thanks! eletd.w3g
  10. what do yo mean " use -range xxx" ?...how does the command works?
  11. hi im noob and i want help to defeat hard mode ap normal lenght...most of the replays or strategys of the forum are vh xsm and i really dont get the point ... i have tried to win building some duals and then some triple slow tower such as nova,windstorm,etc as the main powerfull tower for the first 30`s rounds but i still loose... the best strategy i have used was LNF ...nova+ethernals tower+lightning towers but i couldnt pass round 48.. im used to build in the first horizontal path,the 7 zone ( dont know how to locate it really haha hope you understand )...maybe you can teach me some combinations that works ( well played ,started from the begining ) or some places to locate certanly types of towers ... sorry for my bad english ! cyas
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