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  1. Hi, Does anyone know this game? I think it was renamed to Monster Defence.It's quite nice to play from time to time but it is also hard.Are there any guys who know some cheats?All cards unlocked would be best.
  2. 1.Chrisssteeven is a lovable guy. 2.Chrisssteeven likes Chocolates. 3.Chrisssteeven is trustable. 4.Chrisssteeven likes reading. 5.Chrisssteeven hates lying. 6.Chrisssteeven works hard. 7.Chrisssteeven loves anime and manga. 8.Chrisssteeven loves his family. 9.Chrisssteeven loves his friends. 10.Chrisssteeven likes dancing.
  3. Hi, I am looking for a way to convert CSS to HTML. Our company's intranet is set up so that it strips the stylesheet out of the code.I had like to be able to use existing web pages that utilize CSS but somehow convert my stylesheet to inline styles.Is this possible? Thank you
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