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  1. Okay some toughts. Most of them affect both versions. I think it is a problem that the players can choose their target. On the one hand they could bash a player (I know there is a spam protection but I think thats an less-to-ideal solution) and a player could send weak waves to a friend to trigger the spam-protection and protect him from others. There are some solutions: - Waves are send to a random player (more funny: the sender himself can be the target too) - Waves are send to the player who wasn't attacked for the longes time (more funny: the attacker himself could be the target) - Solutions as above but the player can send it to a specific player if he pays a fee I really like the way how to get elements in Holepercents version
  2. The site uses your default font.
  3. Kaini

    Tidal Tower Bug

    I played the tidals on random. No crash.
  4. no only if i watch the effects
  5. Hydro towers effekt drops FPS little.
  6. There is a huge fps drop if an Element Spawn in random mode. I don't know the code but I am shure this can be optimized.
  7. Whats about moving the text above the tower, not above the creep. If there are more than one Quark Towers is is really hard to see the gained money.
  8. Kaini


    Hah good question *g* I noticed it in the first mech round. It was so quiet. Btw the new mech sound is cool and eerie.
  9. Kaini

    Tidal Tower Bug

    Can't confirm that. Used 4 tidals with autcast at 5. Would be glad if you could provide exact steps to reprocude or give us a replay.
  10. Kaini


    Where is the music in the background? Game is so quiet :/
  11. Hm, random? Some versions erlier there was a rare bug that caues back-to-desktop, but afaik this has been fixed.
  12. Kaini


    I'll memo you if there is a newer version avirable^^ memobot.rb
  13. Yes you are right. The forums are too split up for a community of this size. (I mean it is not very small but it is far away from being big). I would say up to 7 sticky treads is okay. Okay another more compact idea: That are 6 public subforums and two private. - Playing Element TD --- Genaral Discussion (Sticky: Mousepad, Welcome Mat, Download Element TD) Talk about Element TD. --- Strategy (Sticky: Guides, good replays) Talk about your strategies in Element TD. If you need help you'll get it here. --- Clans, Meetings and Co. Want to play together? Go here. - Developing Element TD --- Bug Reports (fixed, invalid etc. will be closed - so best case is no open threads ) Post your bug reports here (for the website aswell). --- Ideas (won't implement, implemented will be closed) Post your ideas for the website and the game here. --- Beta Forums (Sticky: newest beta) Post your thoughts about the newest beta here. --- Club Element Just cool. - Off Topic --- Off Topic Blah blah blah.
  14. Kaini

    Tower Ideas

    Bacause I am too lazy to write a new description I'll copy and paste the irc (We were talking about a Oblivion replacement.) <kaini> I've got a quite experimantal, maybe interresting idea for a oblivion replacement <kaini> A tower that can lay mines <Karawasa> how would it work specifically <kaini> I mean I would require micro as before <kaini> But I guess lots more simple and interresting <kaini> Whats about all lats say 10 secounds a mine unit - you can move somewhere and then dig in <kaini> or something like that^^ <Karawasa> interesting <kaini> okay 10 secs is too fast <kaini> but you got the point <Karawasa> ya <Karawasa> so basically it does <Karawasa> massive damage in a small AoE every so often <kaini> yes <kaini> in a very flexible way <kaini> but the flexibilty needs mico <Karawasa> i like it <Karawasa> should be able to undig perhaps <Karawasa> 1 sec delay to dig/undig
  15. Whats about a blue text like "Thls tower is a slowing tower, don't build it if you haven't got damage towers!" and a red one for "This tower is a damage tower, It is important to build some of them." and for the others in yellow "This tower is a support tower, don't built it if you haven't got other towers." Obviously this text is in the tower tooltip.
  16. - Enjoying Element TD --- General Discussion ----- Welcome Mat (if we really need it) --- Strategy ------ Guides ------ Replays --- Clans (formerly The Hub) --- Products --- Main Site (maybe not needed if we are able to manage integration some time^^) - Developing Element TD --- Bug Reports (I would simply close Duplicates and fixed ones) ----- Done, Won't fix (If you don't want to close) --- Ideas ----- Done, Won't (see above) --- Beta Discussion (private; i'd suggest beta downloads in a fixed thread) - Club Element --- Club Element --- Spammers lounge (if it really exists ) - Off Topic --- Off Topic --- Creativity (programming, graphics and poems - all in one)
  17. Okay first to the website: A good mainpage and a good layout is obviously a must have. But I am not sure if it is the right way to concentrate on the mainpaige. I would focus lots more on the forums. The forums are easy to maintain and we could easily make a very good skin for it. (Afiak IPB uses templates and CSS) I think the ingame (http://www.ingame.de/ - its a pitty that is German and I can't demonstrate it) guys made that very well. IMHO they have got very ugly main pages but the forums are really cool and you can find everything there. Guides, Strategies and so on - lot's more than on a mainpage because it is difficult to track all guides and include them into mainpages. Addional if guides are in the forums users can easily ask question and post correction wishes. In my opinion a good main page is lots less important than a good and well strucutred forum with an active community. Okay assume you ignored everything I wrote before my ideas for the mainpage: We need a very good nice eye catching logo! The site should be perfectly integrated with the forums and other things (store for example). Nothing is more ugly than a site split up in more subsites witch are all totally different. I wonder why you like dark colors that much. I mean Element TD is a quite "colorful" game. (Green, Red, Blue, Black, White/Yellow and Brown). I am suggesting to use a CMS instead of reinventing the wheel. I know that typo3 is very flexible - but very complicated. But there are lots others too. To the ads: I think inline ads are quite discreete, they have never bothered me.
  18. The general idea is nice. But, I quote: Element TD Modes are quite complex. There are 5 difficulties per player. Random, non random or samrandom. Chaosmode, extreme, super weapons and so on. I am not sure if there is enought space. Indeed we could define some standard modes and encode them in the handicap.
  19. Kaini

    The Future

    There are some questions left. Java or Flash. I think it is more easy to find a good Java developer than a good Flash developer. Then for Flash you would have to buy a stupid expensive licence. Both are installed on most PCs. How do you want to earn money? I would suggest ads and maybe microtransactions. I would suggest to write a detailed list of all your Goals for the first public version and a Roadmap. Maybe the leaders could meet in IRC somewhen?
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