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Geysir Bug in 1.15 test version

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Hey Guys,


i've played the test version a bit and Geysir Towers ability sometimes procs with an insane aoe (and i think the damage is too high aswell) killing 2/3 of a wave in 1 hit.


Ice tower has only 700 aoe instead of the 900 written in the last changelog, not sure if thats intentional and part of the balancing progress.


Keep up the good work :D



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Yeah, Geyser Tower's ability is temporary, hence why it's not really listed on the changelog. We're looking into alternate ideas/fixes for it. At the moment, it's like more focused version of Flamethrower Tower, though the total damage it deals is far less if it can't land a killing blow.


Annnd derp on Ice Tower, thanks fer catchin' that. Glad to know ya like things thus far.


EDIT: Oooh I see what it is on Ice Tower, it's updated to 900 in local builds, but not on ETD Test yet. It'll be another day or so until I can apply latest changes to there, currently don't have access to my desktop computer.

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