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I just want to ask... if the score-system is maybe bugged or exploitable.
I dont want to say, i'm SUPER-PRO in this game, but if i compare my score 511k with the top ranks... ...
.. I mean for real ^^ they did so many points that the table cant handle the high-numbers oO and that with "normal" difficulty... like x10 of my score...

I played with: 2 Dark, 2 Light, 3 Nature, 3 Water) Some Hail-Tower(Rank2), some Well-Tower(Rank3), some Trickery-Tower(Rank2) and 3 Pure Water. 

so not THAT bad setup... 

I really dont get it! ^^

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Probably with the next version. Some of the multipliers are going down a bit, so that should help make it so your score doesn't literally double or triple when you hit the end.

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