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I've heard rumours about new game modes in future, such as some kinda PvP mode, team mode, old school game modes from previous Element TDs..

So here I am suggesting Piano Mode, if you are familiar with Guitar Hero, this should be pretty simple..


There is 6 lanes and element tower end of it.

  • Creeps are going to walk down these lanes.
  • Speed of the creeps is based on your difficulty. (Insane should be like 1000ms)
  • Everytime creep reaches end of the lane, you have to click the right element tower.
    • If you click it on right time, cool sound effect will play (different on each element) and you get +10 score x Difficulty Multiplier
    • If you miss it, lame sound effect will play and you lose -20 score.
  • There is some kinda power-ups, like lightning effects both sides of the screen or something cool.
  • Also Earth Element is missing "click it on right time" animation.


And if you are fucking confused at this point, I got some alpha footage.


I don't know wtf im posting.. 4Head



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It's so mindblowing I just can't even. I feel like we need to take this up a notch. Element Piano Mode...... now a merge of TD + Guitar Hero + Bullet Hell. Random projectiles fly in, forcing your builder to dodge. Your towers can't dodge, but if you click on them right as a projectile would impact, it instead causes a different piano note to play.


I think we just invented a new genre. Excuse me while I commit seppuku out of happiness.

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