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Challenge mode with leaderboards

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What I hate the most about Element TD at the moment is one-dimensional leaderboards PJSalt .. So I got some ideas that might spice things up..


  • Remove whole "elements used" section.
  • Make replays unavailable.


I zoom these 2 things are unlikely to happen, so now to the actual topic..



Make weekly / monthly challenge mode with leaderboards.. Example..


  • Most life stolen with Life Towers.
  • Most splash damage done.
  • Highest GPM with Gold Towers.
  • etc.. etc..


I don't want to make entirely new modes, more like "side-quests".. This way people who want to make into challenge mode leaderboards, will change "the meta build" once a week or so.. Instead of spamming the copied #1 build until next big patch..

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There is one of sorts  already live but hasn't received much attention yet: link.


More likely than not, any build with restrictions will not match the top build for score. Forum challenges will be launched soon but don't expect a separate leader board.

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