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Change Default Targeting

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Default targeting is incredibly infuriating in pretty much every scenario where you aren't able to instantly kill the creeps as they arrive. Once a creature gets past your towers they will actively avoid targeting it and thus allowing it to leak. This is particularly annoying against shield mobs as those are harder to manually target down and they also force your towers to chose new targets more often.


Suggestion: Towers (at least single target ones) should target the creep that has gotten the furthest into maze. One easy way to implement this would be to assign a number to each creep representing the order in which it spawned and then defaulting to the creep with the lowest number. This would also be very useful for clearing frog waves on rush. Quark towers could do the opposite as that likely would let them stick on the same target for a longer time.


Edit: This should go into the Dota 2 section, not mobile.

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