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Patience is a skill

Quark tower shouldn`t change targets

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They change targets when the creep runs out of range, otherwise they do exactly as you want. There's only 2 ways I can think of to improve their behaviour:

1) Put some kind of range check. If creep within 900 units, don't change target. The difficulty here is that it may take the creep 1 second to run back in range, or 20 seconds, depending on placement of the tower, positioning of the creep, and what slows you have in play.

2) Somehow determine the location of the creep and the tower, and make a decision based on the map. A tower in the center of the map won't change target if the creep is still moving around the center for example. I'm unsure how this would be implemented though.

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15 hours ago, Patience is a skill said:

It should acquire highest hp target and attack it until it dies.


It already does that. Just checked ingame, it will only switch targets after the current target goes out of range (as with any tower)

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