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Support Buff Priority List

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Blacksmith/Well/Trickery towers, on autocast, will prefer various towers over others. Generally it goes from the highest in power down to the lowest. This list isn't posted in game, just hidden in the game stats. Here's the list, prioritizing from top to bottom:

  1. Pure & Periodic
  2. Level 3 Duals
  3. Level 2 Triples
  4. Level 2 Support Triples
  5. Level 3 Singles (Refined)
  6. Level 2 Duals
  7. Level 1 Triples
  8. Level 1 Support Triples
  9. Level 2 Singles (Focused)
  10. Level 1 Duals
  11. Level 1 Singles
  12. These towers cannot target any of each other with their buffs.

A general tip, build one of these towers within range of 4 other towers you have to maximize its efficiency.

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1 minute ago, Utoko said:

aren't Level 3 Duals worse then Level 2 Triples in most cases?

I concur. Level 3 duals should be below level 2 triples.

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