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DotA 2 Model Suggestions

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Have an idea of a model you'd like to see used for a creep or tower? Post it here! Format;

Gunpowder Tower = Sniper

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I've got some potential ideas for this, but before I do, I've got a question....

So last I checked, due to the properties of buildings, towers aren't supposed to be able to have animations, yes? Well, how is Nova Tower animated then? Did something change allowing buildings to be animated or is there something special about that tower?

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Will the port include classics such as ronald mac freaking Donald? :D

Also some suggestions; whether or not you will be adding custom models I am not sure.

Earth (Darkness) - Burrower, resembles that of the Spiderants found within BorderLands. It is a fast creature with a burrow ability, allowing it to become un-targetable for a few seconds.

Darkness Earth - VoidGate, Sends out rifts into the void that tear across the floor dealing significant damage over time to any creature caught near it. (Particles: Almost like solar flares of void energy leaking out of these rifts.) Rifts last a few seconds, tower has an extremely slow rate of fire, however the damage over time tick is fast and the damage is significant.

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