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DotA 2 Potential Towers

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I've decided to use the opportunity of DotA 2 to replace what I consider to be poor tower ideas. These towers include;

Quark (Earth + Light)

Mushroom (Earth + Nature)

Poison (Darkness + Water)

Laser (Darkness + Earth + Light)

I'm done going through all of the tower suggestion threads and I have narrowed potential ideas down to;

1. Tower with single target that gains damage every time it attacks. Caps after a certain amount of attacks. Damage gain per attack is based on damage dealt (so it grows faster over time).

2. Tower with single target that gains damage every time it attacks. Does not cap. Damage gain resets upon attacking a different target.

3. Tower with splash that gains mana every time it attacks. When it reaches max mana, its attack becomes super powered, dealing massive damage for a short period of time. It must then restart from 0 mana again.

4. Tower with single target that does very high damage. The more creeps there are in an AoE around the target, the less damage this tower does to that target.

5. Tower with single target. Every other attack on the same target does AoE damage around that target in addition to damage normally dealt.

6. Tower with splash that does damage based on the ratio of Current HP/Max HP. So the closer creeps are to death, the less damage this tower deals.

What do you guys think? Welcome to add new ideas too.

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For number 1, it's a repeat of haste tower, I wouldn't use it if possible.

Second one, IT'S URSA! Just kiddin'. Anyhow, I noticed the dual towers have a low number of single-target towers (those three support towers don't count worth crap, lol). If this game is supposed to remind us of Warcraft 3, put it on Earth + Light, which was a single-target tower that was the dual-element equivalent of Haste.

Third one, I'm guessing that's the railgun tower idea, but modified a bit? Well, instead of a railgun, since it just goes temporary super power, put it on Dark + Water. Poison tower naturally synchs up with a double slowing build, and whatever Dark + Water is should be splash.

Fourth one, Dark + Earth + Light. Should be able to keep its name as Laser/Phasor Tower. And with this, it should actually be useful as a finisher.

Fifth one, I can't say I'm fond of that idea. Well.... is it that specific tower's attack or any attack? If it's the latter, that's cool.

Sixth one would be a great replacement for Earth + Nature.

Ideas overall seem pretty solid.

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So Obliteration Tower is also kinda meh in design, not to mention it overlaps with Ephemeral. Alternate design idea:

  • Siege Tower: 16 range, small AoE, decent damage. Every 5 seconds, it can fire a long range shot at a target. Anywhere. This shot is a bit stronger and is single target; if it were AoE, it'd overlap with Artillery and the newly suggested Poison Tower.

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What about a single target tower that has 2 kind of attacks, 1 normal attack. And 1 attack that fires at random targets. A simple but fun concept.

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Both at once or manually switch between them? Actually, there's a move in Dota called Diabolic Edict, which pretty much fires a series of explosions at random targets around it. However, they'll all focus on one target if there's only one target. More targets around, more it'll split up. The ability is actually intended as a 1v1 move, in which it is nearly unparalleled in damage. Though, if we already have the single-target isolation tower idea, I guess that idea might as well go out the window.

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I like laser towers so of course I'd vote to keep them in. I used to love poison towers because of the armor decay which really made a big difference in warcraft 3. Now I'm not very excited by them. maybe bring back a damage buff and dot damage or something? I guess those are done by other towers so it would be a bit redundant.

I'm all for replacing fungus, it has never been interesting for me with the boomerang setup.

#4 does seem cool, like a tower meant for finishing off the guys your aoe didn't get. I usually use death for that, but this would give options for other builds.

#5 seems pretty powerful

#6 sounds like it would be a lot of work to use, I tend to stay away from the towers that require re-targeting all the dang time.

1, and 3 all sound like decent towers, but 1 seems a lot like haste.

#2 reminds me of the ol' flesh tower, it sounds hard to balance. It would be sweet for getting a level 3 element early.

I'm trying to think of some sort of radical tower idea, a counter intuitive one with pros and cons. Here is what I came up with:

1: a tower that puts a massive dot on creeps, maybe in a aoe, but causes them to run faster. therefor very powerful with slow builds, or builds with good finishing off abilities

2 A tower that does increased damage to units with a certain debuff on them like slow or fire or something.

3 A tower that gives a unit a shield, like mechanical creeps, but the shield does big aoe or slow to the units around it. Good early in your maze, bad later in your maze.

3 a teleporting tower. It has short range, when you build it, you designate a 2nd location. It slowly builds up mana and can use it to teleport to the 2nd location. Mana regen lets it have time to shoot at a wave twice at the beginning and end of the maze, with time to reset if the creeps are not being rushed too hard.

4 A tower with something like mana. When it has mana, it's attacks do a big aoe, but each attack uses mana. When mana is exhausted, it instead does single target damage but and higher amount than its normal aoe attack. This might be too OP, I dunno.

5 Beam lasers! I always loved ships in things like Baybalon 5 and Homeworld with big beam lasers that fire a continuous stream. Make a tower that shoots a laser beam that can either shoot ground in one spot, or maybe you designate a line of fire it will slowly move down.

6 a tower that does a debuff that requires other towers to trigger. Something like "expose weakness" where other towers have to hit the creep X amount of times and then it will be slowed or take a big damage hit or something. Plays well with rapid fire builds.

That's all I could think of, I hopefully that will help inspire you

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