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Guest dyehardz

(request new setting) Remove Elements

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Guest dyehardz

Player can choose Remove Elements setting :

- normal (all elements are available)

- remove 1 random element

- remove 2 random elements

Personal opinion :

- remove 1 random element is interesting because

you won't have a chance to create periodic tower

(which is imbalanced imho).

- remove 2 random elements is interesting because

you have a bigger chance for lvl 2 triple ele-tower

or lvl 3 double ele-tower. imagine if this option

combined with no-rate. :P (see my other post)

That's 1 of my request. Pardon my english.

I hope you can understand what I wrote.

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Sounds good to me, could be combined with random so you get a bit more focused random's it will still be 100% random because the deleted ones is deleted randomly?

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Nah, they are pick deleted? aren't they. And since it goes so fast nobody on Bnet knows what to do.

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Guest dyehardz

yes, the deleted ones is deleted randomly.

and player don't know what element is deleted.

(mind teaser) :twisted:

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Your suggestion would work with pick too.

Have you played tournament random? Two elements are removed, it's an sr, and the kept elements are voted on. If you play that with a lot of people it's basically a "two elements removed" and a "I don't know which ones are missing".

I like your idea, but it would require a new entry in "special mode" and a follow-up menu. I'm not sure if thats to much trouble.

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Guest dyehardz

I tested that mode long time ago and I didn't understand

what the different between other random

(except there are some clickable items which do nothing).

I just played again several days ago.

Yeah, it is similar to "two elements removed".

the gameplay is more interesting (because we have

better chance to get lv.2 or 3 elements in early game,

which make it challenging). but there are 2 problems :

1. unable to play in short mode.

I have to play from lv.1 which is time consuming and

veeeeeery boring till around lv.20.

2. I have to choose those 4 elements.

I prefer 'random' than 'pick'. and in single player game,

it means "I know which ones are missing".

imho "two random elements removed" is better than

"tournament random" because it has the same effect in

singleplayer game.

about menu stuff, I'll post my opinion in new topic.

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