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tower distributing over elements

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I didn’t like the aoe slowing tower were spread over the elements.

For now there are

2 4-element builds with 2 aoe slows

10 4-element builds with 1 aoe slow

3 4-element builds without any aoe slow

I felt ther must be a solution for making all 4- and 5-element builds have the same many aoe-slowing towers (still with a total of 4 soe slows)

To make this not soooooo boooring i can reveal that i got the idea from evenly spreading decorations (blue-, red- goldenbrown-christmas balls and lights) over the (green) christmas tree.(darkness won’t appear until i turn the lights out :P ) Btw, the whole christmas tree is green, and so should the entire eletd map be, including the yellow players map. (maybe this is allready fixed)


And after a while i came up with this:

One of the 4 aoe slows must be placed either on EFD or NWL (the 2 special combos, with no element connecting to any of the others, i was surpriced that you didn’t place the 2 armor reducers on these opposited, but it don’t matter)

After that there are many solutions on how to distribute the rest of the aoe-slows over the elements. A total of 12.

With DEF as one of the towers the others can be:







And with NLW as one of them the others will be any of these 6 groups:







This means that the tower would nt need to be changed, because there allready is one aoe slow on this place.

As you see there is a minimum of 3 aoe towers to need to change element. So maybe it’s a bit late, and then the builds maybe have to be rebalanced in damage towers also, as changing these will change other things too.

The two armor reducers are good placed as they allready are i think, sharing no element, (although as i meantioned I’m surpriced they are not on EFD and NLW but one of these are needed for aoe slows anyway)

The support duals are also rather good, sharing no element. But i still don’t understand why yo chose WN FE and LD (although i like to keep for example well on WN) Let trickery have 2 connected elements, but not well and blacksmith. I thought something like LD WF NE or DW FN EL, that all have connected elements, or LF DN WE with opposite elements, or


It’d stack best with armor reducers on triples that contain no support dual(such as LEN and WDF as it is now, but for the 3rd picture.)

Maybe it’s far too late and far too much to change but i thought the idea was worth posting.

Will do some additional research about how the duals ”stack”(or more like how they can be placed best to share the correct elements and so) with the aoe slows if this isn’t totally uninteresting. Willing to help about single target slows too, or any other balancing of how tower should be spread.

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I like the old ice. We don't have a single dual AoE slow, have we?

The Ice should be AoE, or atleast multi target Ice. (I made it my TD in GUI and it looks really cool!!)

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Guest 1mpulse

one build with a dual aoe slow doesnt sound very fair? unless you make all the single target slows multi-target

i cant remember the towers right now

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one build with a dual aoe slow doesnt sound very fair? unless you make all the single target slows multi-target

i cant remember the towers right now

Wy is it unfair?

But It would be cool if we had 2 towers slowing with:

1. Attacking and slowing 3 units at once. (very easy to do)

2. Bouncing on units and slow each unit hit. (Not sure if it's doable)

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Guest 1mpulse

level 3 dual element slow is better than a level 2 3element isnt it?

if not, aoe slow >> single target slow

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Then ice should become a triple, i think duals should be simple, and a multishot in duals sounds too strong (or we half the amount of slow, making again the tower less worth to build). Duals have 1 effect, thats the idea.

Ice is ok considering the low cost to build, you can get 3 duals for the price of a possible triple with multishot 3 targets, if i would have to choose i would go for 3 separated towers. So, no need imho for buffing ice anyhow.

On topic, i consider more important that towers make sense with their elements then to have a 100% equitative builds design, the builds are important for balancing, but not important for the main design.

99% of the towers have to fit with their elements, on triples it is possible to design using builds, as there are more possibilities to your imagination to fill the holes in the concepts, leave the duals alone with selected-by-build ideas.

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Ice is allready in there, It's called muck now and works exactly as ice did.

Let me repeat the status quo, the masterplan for eletd 4.0:

In our current plans we have 3 strong duals and 8 strong tripples, and a strong dual is supposed to be more than twice as valuable as the strong tripples, with the following result:

Category                Maximum points

Overall                 26
Four-element builds     26
Five-element builds     26
Six-element builds      26
Worst build maximum     24

With "points" beeing a value to determine the relative strength of the towers. >> Click here for the full table. <<

Or in a more primitive way:

Strong dual - 2 points
Strong tripple - 1 point

4   ldwf
4   ldwn
4   ldwe
4   ldfn
4   ldfe
4   ldne
4   lwfn
4   lwfe
4   lwne
4   lfne
4   dwfn
4   dwfe
4   dwne
4   dfne
4   wfne

In other words the builds are equal once we managed to get all towers working and make them mimic the required relative value, that is the strong dual will be much better than the strong tripples, but much harder to get, so as a result, all builds shall be equallly strong.

13est - can you give a complete distibution example of all strong towers? 4 aoe slow, 2 armour reducers, two other strong tripples, 3 strong duals. Or do you use less strong towers?

If you don't just exchange strong tripples and change the number of strong towers, I'm afraid your concept can't work. Maybe we missed something there, but I doubt it.

As for switching strong tripples to get the aoe slows spread out - why should we do that? We allready have a map where the winning strat is identical every game, and it's called eletd 3.0 on pick; lfwd or lfwn ftw. The idea behind making the builds equally strong but different in how they achieve this strength is to diversify the game. If all 4 element builds have, say, one aoe slow and one armour reducer, why have different builds in the first place? Blizzard TD has aoe slows and armour reducers, in every build, the same build for all players and every game, in fact the only build that map has. :)

Of course this is harder to ballance. But we can do it. 8)

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Great to hear. Note that what i wrote earlier, is not my own oppion. It's some ideas, as i didn't know how you had planned it, and if you had searched but not found this idea. Hope now that the duals actually do become strong enoughI like that all builds are not the same thing with different names, They should be as about equally strong, which will be hard ofc. I liked how a terrible random could appear, but i didn't like that Pick/AR was never really played on multiplayer.

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Make all ice attacks / 3. Should work shouldn't it? and then 3 attacks. Maybe time lasting /3 instead.

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