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Challenge #3: Cluster f*ck

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Challenge #3: Complete the game using only damage towers with a splash attack or an AoE ability. No support (barb/ion/muck/nova/erosion/incantation/jinx/polar) towers.

Very hard difficulty only. For this challenge, short mode would be allowed. No other modes, such as extra short, chaos may be used. Excessive interest farming, such as deliberately leaking a wave multiple times, may lead to replay being disqualified. Host's decision is final.


Post your replays here. You MUST post a replay. screenshot is not enough. All replays would be verified before being added to the challenge winners.

Challenge Home

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I suggest renaming this challenge to "Mandatory Interest Abuse". The sheer lack of options and lack of room for creativity does not allow for anything else.

Challenge _3 _ Mandatory Interest Abuse.SC2Replay

Did it on first try, though the run is about as ugly as it gets. Lots of unnecessary leaks, strategic flaws, and several incidents of "trigger finger" where I dropped cannon towers at the end to finish off a creep but sold them before the creep died, losing me some extra lives like an idiot.

I can make a much cleaner run, though I'd rather not. Hard interest abuse is boring.

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