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Element TD 0.85

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Happy Halloween!


-Competitive mode is now default pulldown option

-Standard mode renamed to Casual

-Removed "short circuit" of timer in Standard mode (all creeps clear = timer shortened)

-Changed Standard mode times to 30/40/50/60/75 down from 30/45/60/75/90

-Fixed extra Vespene/Mineral upon player quit bug for good

-Normal, Hard, and Very Hard give more XP now (1/2/4/6/7 instead of 1/2/3/4/5)

-Sunburn (FN) now continues after creep death

-Obliteration Tower (DLN) now interacts with Well Tower (NW) properly

-Magnify Tower (DF) now interacts with Forge Tower (EF) properly

-Changed loadscreen tip to promote channel

-Cleaned up credits

-Removed Resell

-Interest rate is now 2% for all difficulties

-Hail (DLW) Tower nerfed to 16 range down from 22

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Thanks! We appreciate the updates. Yeah hail was overpowered and everyone knew it, needed a nerf. Hopefully it was just the right amount. Nothing to replace resell yet?

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I'm really happy with these changes. Having competitive as the standard should remove a lot of the "cheese" builds from viability. (Less down time/interest farming between waves, more focus on killing each wave as efficiently as possible). While I know I'll miss the range on the hail tower I think it will still perform well, it just won't cover up as many mistakes with it's long range now. It did surprisingly well against it's weak element (Earth) because of that extra long range.

I didn't know that Magnify didn't work properly with Forge so that's good to know. ( I always liked microing my Magnify towers but they proved weak overall in the long term for a game.)

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