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EleTD isn't popular enough for ckicking (at least on Azeroth), so in a way, I like that it plays second fiddle to DotA, Footmen Frenzy, and the like.

Looking to change that soon...

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Guest Freman_Scum

for some reason i suck and hate DOTA but on the other hand there are versions out there like Bleach and battleships which i love.


How do i host games? or what do i need to open in order to host? I'm always tired of joining games with randomly kicking r-tards. and wold like to host a few of my own.

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Guest Koxeida

It sure is balanced except in pub <_< if you chose like faceless void, bone, troll, drow, sniper all those late game agility fags, u'll definitely win "in pub" after neutraling or farming non-stop. Let's say, strength and int heroes are in this case. They won't shine that much.

Another irritating thing in pub is that a group of friends/clanmates in sentinel pawning Scourge. Of course when they're losing, they'll unleash the CK[ custom kick] ==! or just scold others and left.

DotA's also easily ruined when one, yes one, player leaves.. But this ain't the case in Ele TD :P

I agree that pub's skill level has gone up drastically over a few versions, mainly in 6.48b. Previously, 85% of pub doesn't use Bottle, TP scroll, or know about juking, etc. What makes them realise that? I would say that videos and short clips are main part of it. There are hundreds of good DotA clips out there, giving valuable skills. Of course, people would never admit it and they would definitely thumbs down the video.

So, if anyone here can make video clips of Ele TD :shock: and share it public, i'm sure that Ele TD will gain it's fame :P .. Afterall, balance in the game matters the most ^^.

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(not by me)

Is there anyone besides me who plays dota here?

Well if there is and you are somewhat avare of whats happening I am sure this image will make you laugh.

(I could provide you a replay if you want :wink: )

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lol nice pic! :P

I too play DotA, although I mainly play pubs with friends as some of my friends aren't able to join higher tier games, so we just stick with good ol' pub. Either I've grown used to lame things happening in pub games, or the quality in my pub games are getting better. I don't seem to mind pubs too much, probably because I play with friends who are on my team, but they aren't pros at DotA, so I'd like to believe it's fair, even though we use Ventrilo. I'd say our win lose ratio is about 50/50, mostly because we just play DotA as a social event on Ventrilo; but very easily, if we were to try, we could win around 80% of the time. I host my DotA games with a Ghost bot which can record DotA statistics. My friends and I like to play on different accounts to fool around and etc... (we don't make random accounts everyday, rather we have a set number of accounts we use for different occasions/purposes) On an account I don't care about in DotA games, my record is around 50%, but on an account I would care about, I win nearly 90% of the time with a K/D ratio of 80%. (Unfinished games that result in draws don't count towards your win loss ratio. For a game to count, either the throne or tree must be destroyed before statistics are inputted)

Anyways... whenever I want to play a real game, I can usually rely on TDA or open leagues to satisfy my DotA craving! I have a social side of DotA, where I like to talk to people, or to keep me busy and a competitive side of DotA, where I want to win with good teamwork and communication with my allies. At the moment, I'm leaning towards my social/trolling side of DotA where I just play to burn time, or have a change of scenery playing uncommon heroes. I'm getting a bit bored of competitive DotA because it's basically the same stuff every game. If you don't pick this hero, then the other team will pick it and they'll win for sure. You're forced to play a hero so your opponent doesn't take it, and it gets boring.... especially if you're the host and you're always first pick, although some times I change spots, but I don't really like giving up the host spot to people I don't know, unless obligated to input the correct game mode.

So since I'm currently playing DotA just because it gives me something to do, I've stumbled across ele td again, and other random custom maps that try to imitate DotA but fail miserably. If anyone wants to DotA on the east server, you can contact me on Legion_VentRage, or pm me. We'll arrange a game of DotA.

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Dota is a ok game, i like it, but is not all powerfull game that want all attention in warcraft III custom game

there is a lots of good games out there

Battle tanks


Warlock (is simple, but nice)

Battle Mages

Mad Ball

Pudge wars

EleTD (of course)

Anime Wars (Dota like)

Vampirism Fire (is a bit complicate)

and a lots of others

if you pass on epicwars, and start download some random maps, some of them are really good (of course, most sucks)

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