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Let's Play a Game

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What is the worst possible elements you could get if you're playing random mode?

(excluding pure essence)

- include final amounts

- include order

- what towers and why - include time factor

example and format:

2 D

2 W

2 F

3 N

2 Interest

1) Water

2) Nature

3) Nature

4) Water

5) Fire

6) Dark

7) Fire

8) Dark

9) Nature

10) interest (low time)

11) interest (no time to even make it worthwhile)

*comments about why your build sucks the most*

- You get water and nature only the first 4 levels. this unlocks a dual support tower with meh damage so u can't really do much with it. itll also be kind ahard to afford the level 2 spring tower.

- Fire next would unlock vacpor dual, infrared dual, and celerity. all of the towers up to now are single target, and any splash you have at this point is lower tier so they're useless.

- Dark next unlocks jinx, erosion, which are good towers, but only if you have damage dealers. u really dont. new dual towers unlocked by dark are lower tier at this point.

- Fire next gives you upgraded celerity tower. this is your one break for damage. you need to micro it, and it's still single target.

- Then finally Dark. levle 2 dark is better than most other towers, with 16 range to pop trickling units, if you place the dark tower in the right side of the center area (location 5 by the convention that's analogous to the numpad layout).

- Level 3 nature. boy, range 12, single target yipee.

- Interests, but at the very end. you dont even have time to make it worthwhile

you dont even get earth or light to unlock some other decent towers, even at the end. (things like slow towers and polar towers are good at the very end, evne if its just 1 level)

u dont get periodic tower either. no haste, no oblit.

What's your worst build?

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Honestly, I think that hit's the nail on the head. Vapor is ok early on, but infared is such a bad tower...I've never found any viable use for it. Well is a great support tower but only if you have a good damage dealer, which clearly in this build it lacks hard hitting towers.

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