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Element TD 0.1

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You must type -gophers or the game will automatically defeat you at start of wave.

You have access to the following commands:

-level xx (multiboard doesn't update, but this works)

-lives xx

-gas xx

-min xxxx (mineral)

-max (unlock all elements)

-hide (remove UI)

-show (restore UI)


-All creeps now have proper bar display

-Fixed build on wall (center left)

-Fixed rotation issues for some creeps

-Fixed some doodad transparency issues (like big tree in area 1)

-Fixed Nova tower upgrade failing

-Fixed Torrent tower upgrade failing

-Gave hotkey to Particle Field

-Fixed all weapon names to match the tower

-Fixed loadscreen image being cutoff on non 16:9 resolutions

-Fixed leaderboard only showing player 1

-Added player/lives/networth titles to leaderboard

-Fixed interest not being synced

-Fixed computer being counted in active players

-Fixed amplified light upgrade icon

-Interest rate increase message now displayed to triggering player

-Heat Ray (level 34) now more fire like

-Fixed level 53 HP issue

-Fixed Laser/Phasor tower taking supply

-Updated tooltips for mouse over difficulty selection

-Fixed Wealth tower projectile model

-Changed Disenchant (ELN) to 1 second cooldown

-Fire Up, Spring Forward, and Conjure now only target structures

-Game no longer defeats you (forced to leave) upon death

-Fixed no removal of creeps/towers/mineral/vespene upon death

-Game now cleans up upon quit too

-Towers no longer selected automatically after upgrade

-Fixed problems with illusion creeps (1 hp, player owned)

-Attempted fix for undead bug (waves end early or never end)

-Fixed undead creep revived losing difficulty

-Display of wave # - wave name - wave armor - wave ability text message at spawn

-Leaderboard now displays icons for element and ability

-Lives and networth now colored according to difficulty

-Fixed Periodic able to be built w/o six elements

-Fixed Periodic disappearing upon second pure research

-Fixed Celerity/Velocity damage error

-Text tag tweaks for Magnify, Celerity, and Disease (+upgrades)

-Fixed different actor sounds on some towers

-Obliteration/Annihilation nerfed to 500/2500 from 666/3330

-Manual Reload (DLN) now instant from 2 seconds, automatic reload now 2 seconds from 5 seconds

-Fixed Decay/Death tower tooltip errors

-Increased size of helix (LW) detection by 100%

-Increased size of boomerang (EN) detection by 300%

-Increased range of lightning bounce search by 100%

-Fixed Wrath attack speed increase

-Fixed Nova/Supernova constantly attacking

-Fixed attack ground halving attack speed

-Buffed Magnify tower to 60/140/241/368/598/928/1400 (no drop off in charge value)

-Fixed run off tooltip for Douse (LNW) and Focus (DF)

-Adjusted various floating text colors and durations

-Added "+1 Life" floating text to Afterlife (LN)

-Added graphical effect when Instant Death (DNW) triggers

-Tower selection upon upgrade is now smart, it only maintains selection doesn't add it

-TerraTron (32) excessive death model and sound changed

-Fixed terrain related units showing up on minimap

-Fixed images leaking for life

-Fixed builder dying in leak area

-Increased acceleration of Particle Field

-Fixed Tower HP not corresponding to sell value

-Fixed waves ending before creeps cleared

-Removed launch effect from Disease tower (reduce lag)

-Fixed Plasma/Ion tower weapon (hover over)

-Added autocast to Particle Field (FLW)

-Floating text now indicates level for Torrent/Tsunami

-Wave 50 (Bio Trucks) corpse no longer lingers

-Nova/Supernova now slows properly

-Fixed Mechanical creeps using ability upon spawn

-Contamination (DW) now properly adds splash to attack

-Fixed Sludge (DEW) stacking for extra slow

-Removed health bars from towers/builder

-Increased speed of helix (LW)

-Increased speed of Jet/Spout/Geyser projectile

-Fixed delay between switching normal/attack ground for Jet/Spout/Geyser

-Tweaked cannon/mortar/artillery projectile speed and launch position (for faster time to damage)

-Increased shockwave slow radius for Barb/Spike tower

-Added Flamethrower tower THIS IS BUGGED, ENJOY

-Fixed reload (DLN) error message

-Oblivion/Magnify (DLN/DF) now have energy bar always

-Fixed dying or quitting player triggering next wave

-Fixed unit facing issue upon leak

-Game ends properly now

-Fixed undead revive after player dies

-End game boss added

-Grenade tower nerfed attack speed to 2 from 1.5

-Changed 6/8/10/12/16 range to 8/10/12/16/22 range

-Slightly increased duration of Barb/Spike ability

-Added icons and tooltips to all buffs

-Fixed unbuildable spots in bottom left area

-Fixed building pures without essence

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-Added Flamethrower tower THIS IS BUGGED, ENJOY

I swear I tested this one for like an hour before turning it on :blink:

Ah well, I'll figure it out before the next update :P

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